REVIEW: SKII Cellumination Essence-In Foundation 310


Another post from one of this year’s expected releases from SKII.

The Cellumination Essence-In Foundation, in shade 310.

SKII Came up with the whole range of Cellumination. Its a new concept, in the terms that it works with the skin to enhance the light absorption and emission. Mainly from the “blue” section from the white light. According to SKII, this is what gives a glowy skin, an Aura. The range is composed by a moisturizer, a serum (essence) and a foundation.

They have a variety of shades in the compact foundation. What catched my attention was mainly the shade 220. I thought it would be lighter, but actually, its not. Since it has strong pink undertones, its a tad darker than the 310. I got the 310, since its lighter and it has more of a beige-yellow undertone. I would say its more of a neutral undertone once blended in the skin.

It has an interesting swirl of a whiteish-pearly substance in the foundation. Its whats supposed to be the “treatment” to enhance the luminosity/Aura of skin. So its actually a 2 in 1 foundation. Its more of a treatment foundation.

That being said, i was super-über interested in it. Anything luminous, brightening, lightening, whitening, shimmering, you name it, im interested haha. So ofcourse, i had to get my hands on it.

I did buy the refill, because mind you, the full compact was way too outrageous money for me to spend. Specially not knowing if i would like it as bad as to keep it and not put it up for swap.

What the company says:


Stay flawless and radiant with this foundation that contains the same beautifying skin care ingredients which give skin a translucent finish. Combines makeup & skin care in one Nourishes skin to promote well being Delivers a translucent & radiant finish Erases signs of fatigue & refreshes skin tone Leaves you a flawless & healthy complexion.
“Cellumination Essence-in Foundation not only creates the desired translucent, radiant look, it also continuously works to improve the skin’s aura. The secret to its dual approach lies in its signature white and beige swirl. Three-colour crystal powders and Apple Vitamin Capsule are formulated in its pinkish-white swirl for brilliant skin translucency while the beige layer is formulated with the fresh beauty essence to nourish and provide beautiful base to the skin.”

First impressions: The refill is extremely well packed. Its actually a “cute” hard case that keeps the “interesting-candy-like” foundation (hint: swirl, like red-white swirl lollipops).

It has no detectable scent. Its a very melt-ish product. Actually a bit too melting. I can see this product finishing up quite quickly if you use it regularly. It has a very fresh texture. Almost cooling.

On the Face test: It melted quite evenly on my skin. Its very fresh, although you do need quite an amount to cover the skin. Its not very high coverage, as i would have expected from a cream compact foundation. I didn’t notice any amazing brightening effect. But it does smooth the skin texture, and the light seems to be reflected a bit better. What did bother me, was the excessive powdery finish for my taste. It enhanced some of my pores. So, keep that in mind. It dries a bit more powdery. I tried to set it with powder,  but it did mess up the slight brightening effect it had (light transmission). So in my opinion, skip the powder step with this foundation. It has a medium wear. I would say intact around 4-5 hrs. This foundation wouldn’t be suited for those with very oily skin, or dry/very dry skin.

Overall Rating:

1. Skin tone: NC10 to NC15 (Darker NC10, Paler NC15. If you wear MAC Sculpt foundation in NC15, it will be a good match)
2. Oxidation rate: 3-4 out of 10
3. Coverage: 4-6 out of 10
4. Satin Finish: 5 out of 10
5. Matte Finish: 3-4 out of 10
6. Pearly finish: 2-3 out of 10
7. Long wear: 4-5 out of 10
8. Moisturizing: 5 out of 10
9. SPF: 23 PA++
10. Undertones: Beige yellow/ Neutral Yellow
11. Enhances pores / Wrinkles: 6-7 out of 10
12. Lifting / Smoothing effect: 6 out of 10
13. Suitable for skin types: All except VD/D/VO
14. Fragance: Cant detect any



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