REVIEW: Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Radiance 1 Fair

REVIEW: Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Radiance in 1 Fair

Hello again!

This is yet another review, hope you didn’t get tired of me yet!

So little story to begin with, as always 😉

I’ve been wanting this foundation ever since it got released on the U.S, but, Spain, as always, was “very” behind schedule.

So the day i got my hands on this one, i was in joy!

I’ve always loved the Face Fabric original formula, but since i am a fan of radiant finishes, i couldn’t imagine how wonderful it would be, my favorite formula, with a hint of shimmery to it. After reading the reviews from the people that got their hands on it (on the U.S), i really thought it was as they said: highlighter purposes only. Nevertheless, i went to my Armani counter, and tested it on my back of my hand.

Ohhhhhh, holly jellies! This was instant love. My mother tried to convince me that i didn’t need it, without success. After 20 minutes, i bought the product (i wonder how i even lasted 20 minutes having second-thoughts about it!). I didn’t test it yet on my face, but i knew it would be my best friend forever.

What the company says:

Face fabric radiance

Your favorite cream to powder foundation now reformulated with an exclusive Micro Fil™ light fluid pigment that seamlessly applies like a sheer second skin. The result: a radiant luminescent glow.

First Impressions: i expected the shade 1 (fair) to be much darker, since they came up only with 3 shades. In the tube, it did look dark, and when i poured a bit on my hand, it looked dark, but…magic! When i blended the product, it slowly got lighter and melted in. WOW!. The texture is very much like the original Face Fabric, but i would dare to say its even more blendable and forgivable (in shade matching). It is pearlescent. Like fine milled luminizing powder in it. But its so natural. I wouldn’t say this is a highlighter. Highlighters are way more shimmery. I have an NW05 hand/arm, and it is only 1.5 shade darker on my hand. Actually, when its properly blended, you cant really tell a big difference and discriminate. I will forgive the exact shade match for the unparalleled experience from it 😉

Face test: You need a very very tiny amount of product. If you over apply, it will darken, so keep that in mind. It has a light coverage, think tinted moisturizer, a bit more. Its less shimmery than Stila Illuminating tinted moisturizer, so you get an idea. It is more of a glow. It really sculpts the face, as the light is more evenly distributed, in what seems a smoother skin texture.

Pores are filled, and any imperfections (i have acne scars, which are keloid type, like bumps) is instantly smoothed away. It does act well on wrinkles, but i would say this is better for younger skins. For mature skins, i would go with the original version. It definitively conceals redness very well, and gives a radiant healthy skin finish. Its not satin finish at all (not moist at all). Its silicone finish. So its a radiant matte finish. Natural skin but much better. People have been asking me what i was doing to my skin since it looked so amazing (i was wearing this foundation! Ha!). Also, It has a good lasting power, i would say on a hot day (102ºF, 41ºC), on a combination skin, around 6-7 hrs of wear.

A final warning: You need to have a proper moisturized skin with this foundation. It will sit on flaky skin, not a lot, but still noticeable. I recommend this foundation for people with not a lot to conceal. If you feel confident with a tinted moisturizer, then this one will have a proper coverage for you.

Overall Rating:

1. Skin tone: NC/NW 05 to 15 (If you are 05 to 10, and you don’t mind a touch warmer skin, then go ahead)
2. Oxidation rate: 0 out of 10
3. Coverage: 4 out of 10
4. Satin Finish: 2 out of 10
5. Matte Finish: 5 out of 10
6. Pearly finish: 7 out of 10
7. Long wear: 7-8 out of 10
8. Moisturizing: 0 out of 10
9. SPF: 10
10. Undertones: An odd pink-nectarine undertone, that fades when you blend it.
11. Enhances pores / Wrinkles: 1 out of 10
12. Lifting / Smoothing effect: 8 out of 10
13. Suitable for skin types: All except VD/VO
14. Fragance: Cant detect any

As always, i leave you with my HD video review (1080p!):

And some swatches:

(For your reference, i am an NW05)

With Flash:

Without Flash:

On Daylight: