MINI QUICK REVIEW: Bobbi brown Lip Sheer Plum 4

MINI QUICK REVIEW: Bobbi brown Lip Sheer Plum 4

Company’s Thoughts:

Bobbi Brown Lip Sheer is a creamy, lightweight formula designed to give lips a wash of see-through color. Ideal for anyone who wants the look of a tint and the wear of a lipstick. With the wash of color, a variety of shades work for anyone.

My impression: This is a very sheer lipstick. It will barely warm your natural lip color. Its not very shiny or glossy, i would call this product a natural lip color effect. It may be deepened with several coats. This particular color is like blushed up lips. I would apply this color over a lip balm for better results.


1. Shade: Light wine color / Natural blushed lip color
2. Undertone: Cool pinkish red
3. Wear: 4-5 hours
4. Moisture: 5 out of 10
5. Enhances cracked lips / Lines: 4 out of 10
6. Plumping effect: 0 out of 10
7. Glossiness: 4 out of 10
8. Stickiness: 3 out of 10
9. Flavor: Lipstick flavor
10. Scent: Bobbi brown lipstick scent
11. Matt effect: 4 out of 10
12. SPF: 0

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