REVIEW: Yves Saint Laurent Teint Majeur 1 Ivory

REVIEW: Yves Saint Laurent Teint Majeur 1 Ivory

Hello everybody!

Another review for what was my favorite foundation, when i had acne.
For some reason, it really soothed my acne irritated skin, and it truly covered my blemishes, without enhancing the flakiness.

Now, this is a mighty expensive foundation, dare i say. In the U.S, it retails for $99.
This is more than a foundation, its a luxury product, its a treatment. It smells gorgeous, without being overpowering. Its radiant without being pearly or having any shimmery particle at all. It lifts the skin, it smoothes the skin, it gives an overall youthful appearance to a dull or lacking vitality skin.

When i purchased the foundation, i was impressed by the quality of detail that YSL had put in it. It comes with its own mini high quality golden handle foundation brush: PERFECT for when you travel. It also included a mini sample of the Temp Majeur cream, along a mini leaftlet of the information on the product and product line. I really felt YSL put lot of effort in all aspects. The jar of foundation, is really beautiful, and what i like is that, its made of a high quality plastic. Yet it looks like a crystal jar. The lid is also very thoughtfully done, i love how well it closes.

What the company says:

Luxurious Foundation SPF 18

Offer your skin the best in Yves Saint Laurent make-up and skincare with Teint Majeur, the luxurious foundation developed from the prestigious Temps Majeur skincare range.
An ultra-comfortable cream foundation that is lightweight for a pleasurable application and ultimate sensuality. The combined action of the legendary “mushroom of eternal youth” with two brilliant active ingredients works anti-aging miracles. Teint Majeur preserves the skin’s elasticity, improves its moisture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin recovers its original fullness, softness, and suppleness.

First impressions: When i swatched at first on the back of my hand, i was seriously impressed by the blend-ability and smoothness of the product, along the fact that it didn’t settle into my hand pores/lines (good indicator!, if it settles in your hand, be sure it will settle in your face!). Also, the color match was quite good, considering YSL doesn’t carry super pale shades. The scent is very luxurious, you can smell $99 on it haha! The overall packaging was lovely.

Face test: Now, moving to the moment of truth: When i got it, i still had a bad case of acne (couple months ago), my skin was extremely red due to the medication, and uncontrollable and unable to tame. THIS foundation, yes, this one, did WONDERS to my disturbed skin. It concealed perfectly my blemishes, my scars, my too dry patches, my super red cheeks and nose, and better of all: stayed put for all day. Also, it did moisturize very well. I loved the effect that it had on the pores: seemed to fill them up, and make them invisible. It had a tightening effect on the skin (hence the smoothing/lifting effect) and gave my skin a nice healthy glow. This would suit perfectly a mac NC/NW15, but if you blend well, an NC/NW10 could pull it off, if you don’t mind half shade darker and a super even and healthy complexion.

Final Warning: You need to apply very little amount of this product. Blend very well. Also, this, as any high coverage foundation, will enhance extreme flakiness and big pores. So please, apply the proper primer underneath to minimize that side effect.


1. Skin tone: NC/NW 10-15 (NC/NW10 if you dont mind a 1/2 shade darker and NC/NW15 if you wear MAC studio sculpt)
2. Oxidation rate: 0 out of 10
3. Coverage: 7 out of 10
4. Satin Finish: 7-8 out of 10
5. Matte Finish: 1 out of 10
6. Pearly finish: 0 out of 10
7. Long wear: 6-7 out of 10
8. Moisturizing: 8-9 out of 10
9. SPF: 18
10. Undertones: Peachy-beige
11. Enhances pores / Wrinkles: 2 out of 10
12. Lifting / Smoothing effect: 8 out of 10
13. Suitable for skin types: All except O/VO
14. Fragance: Light scent, very YSL-ish


Swatches: (I am an NW05)

(PS: The swatch appears as a much bigger contrast because i am extremely pale, but if its blended, its not so shocking)

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Without Flash: