REVIEW: Stendhal Light Multi-Age Foundation 005 Opaline

REVIEW: Stendhal Light Multi-Age foundation 005 Opaline

Hello everybody!

Here i am! With another review πŸ™‚

This is a foundation, from a brand that you’ve probably never heard of. But let me remind you, its high end brand. Its an European brand, more specifically a French brand. They are known for their high quality skin care treatments. What you might even less know, is that they have a make up line. Now, i wasn’t very impressed by the array of make up products they had, but this foundation caught my eye for a good while.

Mainly, my interest was seeing such a bottle with such a bright pale foundation in it. For me, seeing a pale foundation, specially in Spain, its like finding the Holy Grail πŸ˜‰

I hesitated for several months, to buy or not to buy, what a tough philosophical question, that we all know how it ended! πŸ˜‰

As the weeks passed, i would sneak through the Stendhal counter, and swatch it on my hand, and stare at it in awe, for it nearly matches my skin. One day, i armed myself with courage, passed by the counter, stared with conviction and pride at the SA, and pronounced the magical but life changing words: ME, BUY FOUNDATION PALE! (Lol, as you might have guessed, im doing a dramatization here, since, lets face it, if you’re here, its because you really love and adore foundations as much as i do ;).

So all happy i returned home, with my new and shiny box containing what should have been the last love of my life, after this one, no more foundation buying please, no more, i promise mom, no more.

Now back to the original point, i love this foundation. Its very pale. SUPER pale as i love it. Matches an NW10 PERFECTLY.

What the company says:

Light Finish Foundation in Opaline.Provides skin thatΓ½s more supple, more comfortable, and better protected. After applying to the face and neck, an even, luminous, satiny complexion is given, along with ideal coverage for ultra-natural results. Skin that’s more supple, more comfortable, better protected

First impressions: First drop on my hand, it smoothes and blends wonderfully. It has more pink pigments than common foundations, and a bit more than Bobbi Brown 00 Alabaster shade. I noticed that if i over apply this foundation, it sits on my skin and creases, so definitively, no over-applying. It has an ok scent, personally, it could have been worked a bit more or directly fragrance free for that matter. The bottle is sturdy, but personally, not my favorite packaging. The pump is hard to control. You either get 1 full pump or nothing. I prefer pumps where you can just slightly press and get a drop for example, no need to press it down completely. I feel the packaging is poor, honestly. But don’t let it fool you, its a good foundation.

Face test: Time to test on the face. This foundation works well when you warm it up a little bit. Spreads better. Has a nice texture, very very liquid-ish, but its not oil free (as a matter of fact, it has mineral oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and something else more). It has a nice satin finish on the skin, and, if you have properly moisturized & primed your skin, it will not sit on pores or wrinkles. It has a slight smoothing effect, but no lifting, since again, this is only the anti-age foundation, they have another one for lifting. The color matches very well on my face, since i have redness. The excessive pinkish cast that it has when you have the foundation in a glob-drop, disappears. When you blend in with your skin, it turns to a natural cool toned foundation. It brightens a lot the skin color. This is 1 shade too dark for me, if i was to be picky, but since my face has the appearance of being darker due to redness, i don’t mind. NW10, you still look pasty pale white, don’t worry haha! Oh sorry, it has a nice coverage (light to medium), and an average wear. Good for dry skins and combination-dry. Last note, if you wear Bobbi Brown Natural finish foundation or moisturizing compact foundation in 00 Alabaster and MAC full coverage in NW10, this will be a perfect match.

Final Warning: You must apply moisturizer underneath. If you are scared of Mineral oil and / or paraffinum liquidum, stay away from it. Honestly, i wore this one when i had bad acne, and it didn’t give me more oiliness or breakouts. Quite the contrary, my skin was soothed and more smooth instead of flaky πŸ™‚


1. Skin tone: NW10
2. Oxidation rate: 3 out of 10
3. Coverage: 5-6 out of 10
4. Satin Finish: 7-8 out of 10
5. Matte Finish: 1 out of 10
6. Pearly finish: 0 out of 10
7. Long wear: 5-6 out of 10
8. Moisturizing: 6 out of 10
9. SPF: i dont think it has any (if it has, it would be 15)
10. Undertones: very pale pink
11. Enhances pores / Wrinkles: 3 out of 10 (specially if you have very dry skin and not moisturized, or you don’t blend it properly or over apply)
12. Lifting / Smoothing effect: Only smoothing, 6 out of 10
13. Suitable for skin types: All except VD/O/VO
14. Fragance: Light scent, hard to describe, but kind of a mix of lipstick and skincare.


Swatches: (I am an NW05) (i will add swatches tomorrow)

With Flash:

Without Flash: