MINI QUICK REVIEW: Clinique Butter shine lipstick 418 A dozen Roses

MINI QUICK REVIEW: Clinique Butter shine lipstick in: 418 A dozen Roses

Company’s Thoughts:

The creamiest, richest, smoothest lip colour you can imagine. Our revolutionary gel formula delivers the shine of a gloss, the comfort of a lipstick. Drenches lips in moist, lush colour that glides on buttery-soft, feels luxuriously smooth.

My impression: First things first, this is an extremely moisturizing lipstick. It has more of a “slippery” feel than common moisturizing lipsticks. Also, has a very high shine, its very comfortable, and can either be worn sheer or full opaque for a super shiny pink lips. I used this lipstick on my winter medicated-induced cracked lips, and it was a bliss. It doesn’t have any scent or taste that i can detect. It has a good wear, can last mildly through a meal. My personal favorite is to lay this one on top of a lip balm. The result is amazing.


1. Shade: Medium pink with shimmer
2. Undertone: Cool pink
3. Wear: 3-4 hrs
4. Moisture: 9 out of 10
5. Enhances cracked lips / Lines: 1 out of 10
6. Plumping effect: 5 out of 10 (optical, not physical)
7. Glossiness: 7 out of 10
8. Stickiness: 1 out of 10
9. Flavor: Cant detect any
10. Scent: Cant detect any (Fragance free)
11. Matt effect: 0 out of 10
12. SPF: 0

(Sorry, the picture was so HQ, that you can see even my tiny hand hair, which looks gross!!!)

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