REVIEW: Thierry Mugler Teint Luminescent Fluid luminous foundation 10

REVIEW: Thierry Mugler Teint Luminescent Luminous Fluid foundation 10


Here is a review, of another super pale foundation.

I came across this foundation by “miracle”. I never expected Thierry Mugler to carry this pale foundations. Since, as you many might know, his make up line isn’t very extensive. I saw a shiny add with a beautiful luminous skinned model in the counter, and i was intrigued. Their aesthetic is very luminous, i must say, everything from the Thierry Mugler range attracts me. Its so futuristic, so Avant-Garde.

So i went to test this foundation in the back of my hand, and behold! It was pale! :O
So yes, being me, i didn’t have any second thoughts. Direct purchase, since my mood switched from simple shark lurking to shark attack.

What the company says:


The light, semi-matte texture evens out skin with dazzling light. Incorporating a mirror and a sponge, the bottle ensures easy application and simple touch-ups! Teint Luminescent lights up your complexion.

First impressions: The box is so cute! I had to say it. Its a very mirror like packaging. I like it. Now, the foundation bottle is very nice, reminds me of an alien egg or something similar. Its very sturdy and well packaged. Has a mirror at the cap of the foundation. Is it practical? No, not in my opinion, but very stylish. Next, the foundation sponge: Total waste of product. I wanted to like it, so…at first i pressed the bottle to get the foundation out, i pressed and pressed, and…still nothing, then, i realized the problem was that the sponge was sucking up on a lot of product! On my hand, its a very pale shade, around an NC10. In my opinion, its not an extremely matte foundation, not even close to matte! But has a nice luminous finish. Another thing i noticed: the strong scent. Very Thierry Mugler-ish. A cross between Angel and Alien.

Face test: So, once on my face, trying to buff the sponge on the skin to apply the foundation, i found out it only had a small amount of effective foundation. 70% was sucked by the sponge!!! So, i decided to not use it with a sponge, and simply press the product out directly. That was much better. So, blending on the skin, it has a lovely shade, NC-NW10-ish. It does oxidize a little. If you over apply, it cakes and creases. Be careful to not have big pores, as this foundation might sit very dramatically on them. It does emphasize flakiness. Very bad idea to use it on a hot weather and on an oily skin (it creases and melts insanely! in 30 minutes or so). The scent is personally very heavy for me, and i don’t usually mind scents. But if you are fan of Thierry Mugler scents, then you will love this one. You need to have quite a nice skin to pull off this foundation. Also, it will oxidize a little more if you don’t moisturize/prime your skin properly. This foundation has a luminous finish, but still dewy. I dont see the semi-matte here at all!

Final Warning: Oily skins, stay away from this foundation. If you have a lot to cover, it wont work. If you live in a very hot area, it wont work either. If you have big pores / lots of wrinkles / very dry skin, stay away from it too. Please moisturize skin properly before applying this foundation, and do not use the sponge if you don’t want to waste product and have a gross unhygienic sponge sitting close to the foundation bottle entrance.


1. Skin tone: NC-NW 10 t o 13
2. Oxidation rate: 4 out of 10
3. Coverage: 5 out of 10
4. Satin Finish: 7 out of 10
5. Matte Finish: 3 out of 10
6. Pearly finish: 2 out of 10
7. Long wear: 1-2 out of 10
8. Moisturizing: 2-3 out of 10
9. SPF: 15
10. Undertones: very pale beige
11. Enhances pores / Wrinkles: 7 out of 10
12. Lifting / Smoothing effect: Only smoothing, 6 out of 10
13. Suitable for skin types: D/ND/N/CD
14. Fragance: Strong Thierry Mugler-ish fragrance


Swatches: (I am an NW05)


Without Flash: