MINI QUICK REVIEW: Bobbi brown Tinted Lip balm Golden Pink 11

MINI QUICK REVIEW: Bobbi brown Tinted Lip balm Golden Pink 11

Company’s Thoughts:

Tinted Lip Balm

This unique formula offers deep moisturization and sheer color that lasts longer than most. With a portable newly designed metal case, Tinted Lip Balm offers finger-free and mess-free application.

My impression: The tinted lip balm is one of the bests that i have tried. It seriously moisturizes the lips, soothes any irritation, and overall, smoothes the lip texture. The color is also gorgeous, it was a LE from summer 2009 (Bronzed pink). The color enhances the lips, and i really think it smoothes (optically) any wrinkles or creases on the lips. Its very comfortable to wear, and its gorgeous enough to wear at a special party or dinner (if you want more drama, just add a little bit more of a sparkly gloss on top). I would recommend first applying a clear lip balm then this one on top of it for full benefits (if you have cracked lips). Otherwise, apply it straight from tube 🙂


1. Shade: Light cool pink with golden shimmer.
2. Undertone: Cool pink
3. Wear: 4-5 hrs (if i dont eat)
4. Moisture: 10 out of 10
5. Enhances cracked lips / Lines: 1 out of 10
6. Plumping effect: 7 out of 10 (optical, not physical)
7. Glossiness: 5 out of 10
8. Stickiness: 2 out of 10
9. Flavor: Waxy-Lipstick flavor
10. Scent: Typical bobbi brown lipstick scent, nothing bothering.
11. Matt effect: 0 out of 10
12. SPF: 0