Shiny things and Swarovski Mermaids

Its no secret that I am obsessed with everything shiny; one of them being Swarovski items. Its also no secret that I adore everything sea-mermaid related.

I love to splurge on nice sparkly jewelry, and with more options, I can be more creative in combining them.

But its a fact that official Swarovski retailer carry very mainstream styles in terms of jewelry, and they cost a fortune.

I was browsing the other day on Etsy, specifically for mermaid designs. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top singing in the sea, but I like the thematic.

One that struck my attention was this beautiful piece, of which I am the proud owner now:


The moment I saw it, I knew it had to be mine. The gorgeous blue/teal color reminds me of the sea, and the crystals change color from lighter to darker shades of blue/turquoise/teal, which reminds me of sea waves. I love how the necklace has a charm-like pendant hanging, and I absolutely love that I came with matching earrings!

I need to give huge thanks to the lovely Jan from Derringer619 for having excellent communication/customer service. Jan answered to all my questions in speedlight, and was always very helpful.

I got a tax notification saying that I had to go pay taxes for the item, and Jan even proposed to pay me back the taxes! I was struck by such kindness.

I am currently lemming the dragonfly necklace…

I think you will not regret checking Jan’s Etsy store (except maybe you will regret not having found it earlier 😉):

Video review will come up soon!