Shellac Iced Coral and Armani Lip Maestro 40


Hello beautiful!

So in preparation of my trip, I got my first Shellac manicure ever. I got 2 layers of Iced Coral with 1 layer of Zillionaire. I love the results. The sparkle is subtle enough, but gives it a certain edge.

I must say a big thank you to Kirsi, who did my nails. She was very attentive and professional. If you live in Helsinki, and are interested in getting Shellac nails done, check out her website:

On a side note, she also does skin facials plus other goodies. She is located in the Töölö area, and has a very cozy salon.

On my way to get a new concealer (MAC pro longwear in NW15), I stopped by the Armani counter, and that was both a good and a bad thing: Good because I discovered a new HG lip product/color, bad because my wallet suffered.

Everybody has been raving about the ‘Armani Red’ from the Maestro lip gloss / lacquer / lipstick-stainish or whatever, but the moment I tried on 402 (Chinese Lacquer), I knew I had to have it.

Its a gorgeous neutral tomato red, borderline neon red. It looks so beautiful on pale skin. I have many many red lipsticks, but the moment I wore it…it was like my whole face ‘lit up’. You know you have found the right red color for you when it makes your skin tone glow, like radiant, even, luminous.

I usually can pull off any shade of red, but this one is my new HG.

Think of candied red, brighter than apple red, but with that sort of lacquer finish. Thats how this would look like. Or maybe Chinese lacquer: I thought of red tea pots.

The picture doesn’t do justice, I will try to grab a better one whenever I can. Excuse my almost bare face.

The texture…now we are getting into the interesting portion: Its like a silicone primer. Its like pure velvet. Its lightweight, nearly imperceptible. It glides in your lips, its not sticky at all. It has a luminous finish, its opaque but very very translucent.

I am usually not recommending lip products easily, but I would totally buy more of this range. And probably another of this red.

Here is a swatch on daylight:

As you can see, pretty bright tomato red.

I hope this post was somewhat helpful.

Have  a lovely day!