Singapore…The Lion City

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Singapore….the Lion City…
I have fallen in love with the City-State.
Singapore bay (Marina Bay Area) as viewed from the SkyPark
It was our first destination from our over 2-weeks Asia trip.
I had been awake on the entire 12hrs flight. We boarded at 2300, that means I had been over 24 hrs awake when we arrived in Singapore.
Can you tell I was tired? oh boy…not only tired, but the airplane was a greenhouse!
View from the Airplane, as we arrive Singapore
But my gosh, the moment we stepped out of the Airport, the air…the humidity…the sounds…I just instantly fell in love.
It was that connection feeling. Like I found something I was searching for a long time…
We arrived at the beautiful Re! Hotel, amazing staff, and very nice room with free minibar (YES, FREE!, among complimentary WIFI, GYM etc…). I highly recommend it, next to MRT Station, and next to a beautiful park to walk in. Only downside was the Breakfast Buffet. I didn’t like it that much. I am more of a sweets-type of person for breakfast, and i found it lacking big time in that department.
And we went straight out to eat something, since it was close to 2000, and we hadn’t eaten anything since airplane breakfast (6 hrs before).
The next 4 days that we spent in Singapore, involved:
Namely we went to the SkyPark. We didn’t have to pay anything to enter, which was odd, since we read the reviews saying that it was expensive to go up there.
Infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark
A really yummy Mango smoothie at the SkyPark
Such a wonderful place to be…Cannot stress enough how beautiful it was to be in such a garden…
I happened to get free pass into the Orchid Garden because I am a student (You and your partner can get free entrance if you present a valid student ID)
Singapore Botanical Garden
Cute Christmas tree at the Botanical garden’s info point
So many varieties…After all…Singapore is the City of Orchids…or shall I say the Orchids are the national flower of Singapore?
SHOPPING (Orchard Road being the main place)DSC_2572
photo copy 7
Very futuristic-looking
I must say that I was a wee-bit disappointed to realize that the big shopping attraction was mainly extremely high end and just repetitive of the same thing (Chanel, Chanel, Dior, Dior, Dior, LV, repeat). I am more of a cosmetics shopper, and even thought there were lot of cosmetics, the prices were outrageous. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against big brands, but as I said, it felt repetitive. Whats hilarious is that I found things in Sephora on Orchard Road that are way more expensive than buying them directly from the US with postage and customs included. Also, lot of Asian brands for skincare were more expensive on-site than buying them online from Singapore!
But overall…the street was gorgeous, very nicely decorated, and the buildings makes you feel luxurious!!!
I didn’t buy tons of things in Singapore, mainly haircare (Phyto, they were on sale), a sunscreen (Josie Maran Spf40), acne treatment (Differin among others)…and oddities. You will be able to see my full haul post soon, so don’t miss out.
I love birds. I am a birds person. I understand birds, and somehow they understand me. Right now…my little baby (Muffin, canary bird) is over my computer desk cheering me up for me to finish this lengthy post so I can go give him some grapes. He just looks sooo cute. 🙂 ❤ (For the record, I have had birds from the age of 5. Budgies, parrots, macaws, cockatoos, cockatiels, canaries, other finches, lorikeets and more)
Back to bird park: TOTAL MUST SEE. You can even feed the parrots and lorikeets with nectar!
Nothing is cuter than when a bird is puffing up to (not to be confused with sick-bird puff, which is totally different to when bird is happy and puffing up just out of joy).
But the highlight of our stay in Singapore was definitely this very friendly Yellow-Vented BulBul. He just flew out of nowhere to my shoulder, started preening me, looking at my earrings and then playing with me!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 He then hopped into Hub to also take care of his hair, among being interested in his goodies (he seemed to love my camera as well).
Something one should try: Doughnut covered in chocolate and peanuts!!!
And for now…thats it my friends. Keep tune for the next post (Langkawi)
Bye bye Singapore…I promise I’ll be back, hopefully for longer. Hopefully I’ll get to know you better.