Langkawi Paradise…


View of Langkawi

After spending 4 wonderful days in Singapore, it was time to move on and go to our Island retreat.

We left at about midday, all excited, on our way to the airport.

In the airline (note to self: never fly low cost again) counter, we were told that we didn’t have any luggage allowance, since we hadn’t purchased one. We mentioned that we bought our tickets from eDreams, and they didn’t offer any option for luggage allowance.

After hassling, we paid our luggage allowance and headed towards security.

Arriving to Kuala Lumpur airport, and after searching for a good 15 minutes for the counter to our next airline flight, we were told that we actually were in the low cost carrier terminal (aka airport) and we had to take a shuttle to the main international airport.

Pretty annoying, considering the shuttle queue was a good 40 minutes long, we opted for a taxi. 15 minutes later, we were in KLIA.

Again: we didn’t have (once more) luggage allowance. Talk about major irritation (why on earth doesn’t eDreams provide that information along with the option to buy the allowance for cheaper??!).

Blah bla bla…we were now heading towards Langkawi! Finally!!!

The sight from the airplane was gorgeous…and YES…we were finally arriving in Paradise Island!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Next stop: Our hotel. We did choose to stay at The Danna, and let me tell you; it was no disappointment. We were greeted with fresh tea, cool moist towel and a complimentary neck and shoulder massage.

Without further ado, I shall follow this post with photographic evidence of the luxurious Hotel:


Main entrance of The Danna hotel.



Decoration in the wall of the main entrance


View from our room entrance


Lounge with live music



Hotel’s own garden with a Koi fish pond


Corridor to rooms


View from our room (consisting of shops and restaurants)


The main beauty of the hotel: The Infinity pool

photo copy 2

Infinity pool, the side where there was hydromassage

photo copy 4

Hotel view from the pool

We explored quite some of the Island, went on a Mangrove tour…swam in the sea…


View from boat (mangrove tour)


Doesn’t it look like ‘The Beach’? It was amazing to swim there!

We also had some amazing fun at the Underwater world


Cutie pies….Macaroon penguins


Of course…we didn’t miss the Bird Paradise!


I love macaws….


But this was hilarious. Forget the rest: She rocked that hairdo like nobody’s business…(its a chicken)

And without forgetting…we also took the famous Langkawi’s Cable car! (708m above ground! and 1,7km trajectory)


On top of the Cable car panorama

photo copy

photo copy 3

See those cars? Yup….thats where I was. I did get some pretty bad vertigo though…

Last but not least…we went to the famous Lagenda park…which turned out to be a MAJOR disappointment.

The entrance was gorgeous (as you might be able to see in the next pictures) but the park itself was totally out of maintenance…trash everywhere, broken ornaments, filthy…wild dogs roaming around…well…it could have been a nice place if it would have been maintained.


Gorgeous artificial tree at the entrance of Lagenda park


Lagenda Park entrance

After….8 days…trip in Langkawi was over. I most certainly will go back there. The hotel (The Danna) staff was incredibly helpful, the Spa was amazing (not only the hotel’s own spa), food was great (The Loaf among others)…weather was fantastic…

Stay tuned for the next part: Kuala Lumpur!