More swatches added and my new make up table

I have been wanting to have a proper make up table for a while. Not for professional use, but rather personal.

After a while of thinking, I finally got this beautiful vanity from Ikea:




I decorated it with 3 of my favorite things: Birds, Space and Neon colors. On display there is a Berger Lamp, a Laura Mercier candle, my GHD hair straightener, and my collection of fragrances (I have to thank my beloved for gifting me many of those awesome scents! Love you my darling!).

On a more professional note: I updated the ‘Pale foundation swatches’ page with 16 foundations (from my ‘Private’ collection). I still haven’t got the time to update their full ratings/descriptions.

DSC_4864 DSC_4885 DSC_4873


Dont forget to check them out!

And as a final note…a picture of my cutie-pie Muff. He is a canary bird…that believes is a human. Sleeps with us, eats with us, cheers me up, preens me, tickles me…chit-chats with me. I love him to bits!



Whomever believed canary birds are only singing cage birds are VERY WRONG. They are extremely intelligent and social. They just happen to have a bonus to sing well. Muffing can now say ‘buddy-buddy’ and a peculiar whistle sound I do when I call him 🙂