Kiehls Actively Correcting and beautifying BB cream in Fair is REALLY Fair

I am surprised that Kiehls made such a pale shade.

I have been wearing the sample for a few days, and I am really impressed at how little it oxidizes and how well it covers, without feeling heavy.

The shade, its pink undertoned, it would be suitable for NW10-15. The thing being that it sort of adapts a bit to your skin tone. My mother is NW15-17 now, and Fair suited her very well. I am NW07-08 now, and Fair still looks nice on me.

Granted, its not like, say, MAC full coverage in NW10. It is a tad darker, but it can be pulled off without looking funny. The swatch I made reminds me of Ellis Faas foundation in S101. But it oxidizes way less than the Ellis Faas, so it stays truer to tone.

This isn’t my final conclusion on the Kiehls BB cream shade, but its pretty close. I will definitely buy the full size, because I like the shade (again, not 100% match), because it has vitamin C, and because it has a decent sunscreen (spf 50). Yes, I will still apply my sunscreen underneath (in case you didn’t know, you have to apply LOT of sunscreen for it to be effective as the marketed spf), but despite that, it would still offer me an extra protection.

Coverage wise, I would say its medium. It can be made light, but in normal application, it  feels like medium.