30 days of foundation – Day 4: Giorgio Armani Face Fabric 0.5


Foundation reviewed today:

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric 0.5

***For your reference, I am around NW/NC 05-08 right now***

Youtube review:  http://youtu.be/T1KJM_b17vo


Shade equivalency in MAC: NC/NW 10 (but since it blends so sheer, anyone from NC/NW 05 to 12 can make use of it)

Undertone: Neutral pink
Foundation Finish: Fresh-Matte
Coverage: Light-sheer
Sparkly/Highlighting particles: Similar to Dior Capture foundation (the sparkly particles)
Sunscreen: SPF 12
Sunscreen ingredient: Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, Benzyl salicylate
Oxidation Rate: 0-1 out of 10
Longevity: 7-8 out of 10
Staining capacity: 0 out of 10
Comfort: 9 out of 10
Fragrance/Scent: Very mild, I would say floral
Additional features: 
Additional comments:
It feels very sheer, very transparent, but gives a nice matte glow to the skin. It feels very much like any heavy silicone based primer, and can interact awkwardly with moisturizer (suddenly feeling oily) or sunscreens. Its best to apply a silicone-based primer underneath. It is a foundation that enhances the skin rather than covering it, minimizing pores/lines, some mild redness and textural imperfections.
The highlighting particles are not visible unless directly under light/sun, but even then, once applied on the skin, it just makes the skin look smoother.
The shade, since its so sheer, it can cater a ‘wider’ range. It is not as pale as its predecessor no. 8 (nearly pure white), in terms that it has a hint of pink/fleshy tone to it. It is also not THAT pigmented like no. 8.

Swatches & Pictures:

DSC_5578 DSC_5575 DSC_5571

DSC_5617 DSC_5625 DSC_5630 DSC_5632 DSC_5634