Back home and haul post poll

I am back home after a superb trip to London.

As you may know, I went to buy my professional material (foundations, concealers, palettes, trolley etc…) as well as showed the city to my mom (her first time there), plus did some personal shopping.

Now I am sitting on my desk wondering what YOU guys would like to see in my haul post: Overall review or an in-depth post with many many many pictures?

It is the same to me, but I would rather do what you viewers would enjoy most.

As a side note…I wanna say I have 7 new foundations to review (including a cheaper drugstore for veeeeery pale skins) and a swatch of the Givenchy Eclat matissime foundation in 1 mat porcelain, which by the way: I was severely disappointed to find out that it was epically dark for a ‘porcelain’ shade, considering the shade 3 wasnt THAT dark. It was also very very yellow, so I ended up just swatching it and not bothering to purchase it.

But for you oily-skinned gals, I have 2 new foundations that are very pale AND for oily skin types, so stay tuned for the reviews…I will alternate the 30 days of foundation reviews along with a new series dedicated for ‘skin types’: Combination/oily, dry, very dry, or a combo of those AND flaky. I will be reviewing all what I got new as first πŸ™‚

So if you don’t mind, just answer the poll down below so I can start preparing the post, and hopefully get on schedule with 30 days of foundation tomorrow πŸ™‚

Also, since the winner of the lipstick did NOT contact me at the email that I posted on my blog post, the new winner of the lipstick is: MyMakeupBoxChannel

Please contact me at: theimaginariumofmakeup at gmail dot com