London Haul! (Pro Kit w/ MAC + SLEEK cosmetics + Züca) + New foundation findings (swatches) for pale skin!

Ayeeeee! THE blog post is here!

I warn you…the amount of stuff here might cause you a heart attack.

Before you go on and leave a nasty comment on *how much you spent* here, bear in mind…I am a make up artist AND I review things in order for YOU to make a better decision when purchasing / not purchasing. And it is my hobby on top of all.

Also, I rarely haul this much. Perhaps once every 2 years?

Anyways…lets proceed, shall we?


What is it? Basically I needed new foundations + a bigger range of lipsticks / blushes, so I decided to pick those up in London. I also got myself a Züca pro bag from MAC mainly because it is a PAIN to carry all the material in bags / backpacks. I don’t want to ache anymore and as a bonus…it does give a more professional / serious vibe to my service. I want to only provide with the best to my clients and I only handpick items I trust and believe they are top-notch quality. They might be expensive (La mer, suqqu, SK II) or they can be very inexpensive (Sleek, Bourjois, Barry M). In some things, price do matter in terms of what you are getting (I tend to prefer mid to high end for foundation / concealer, or basically…the ‘canvas’), but i.e blushes…Sleek cosmetics do make as good as NARS. I know it might sound corny, and yes…I do own quite many NARS blushes that make up my kit, but SLEEK is very comparable and I would even dare to say a tad better than NARS.

I will pay the price if I see a very unique color, something I need to fill in the ‘gap’ in my kit for example.


Mac foundations (Full coverage & Face and body), Paintpot (painterly), Studio corrector (orange), Chromaline pencils and lipliner


Sleek cosmetics blush palettes, contouring palettes, lipstick palettes, some lip pigments (like OCC lip tars), some tinted lip balms, Barry M lipsticks, Bourjois eyelash applicator


MAC pro lipstick palettes, sponge, La mer translucent powder, Fiber false lashes, Real techniques brushes


Laura Mercier Custom artist portfolio



MAC Züca bag

DSC_5826 DSC_5823


L to R: Mac foundations: F&B in white / N1 / N5 / C3, Full coverage in White / Nc15 / NC30 / NC45 / W10 / NW20 / NW 35 / NW50


L to R: Sleek cosmetics blush trio in: Sugar, lace, pink sprint, flame and pumpkin


L to R: Sleek cosmetics face form in Fair and light, and the contouring palette in light


L to R: Sleek cosmetics lip4 palettes in: Ballet, show girl, siren and tease


L to R; Sleek cosmetic lipsticks in Heart breaker, Mulberry & barely there, Barry M in 154, Laura mercier 60’s pink and Barry M 149


Sleek cosmetics pout paints in: Peek-a-bloo, cloud and minx, Pout polish in Bare minimum and frosting


More random stuff including eyelashes 🙂

DSC_5840 DSC_5841

Does it need an introduction? Its in the shade translucent…which is quite sparkly and beautiful (once you set your foundation with this, you don’t look sparkly but rather 3D)


My Paul & Joe addy tag on my trolley! Soooo cute!


What is it? Basically items I drooled at or staples that I can’t find in Finland or were cheaper in London. Also products I wanted to test 🙂


For the cheaper than the eye cream alone, I got the Bobbi’s skincare luxuries…which includes a sleeping mask, a full sized extra eye repair cream, a full sized crystal lipgloss, half size of extra soothing balm and I believe half size of the extra repair face balm. I also bought some Phyto products…the Phyto gloss in copper (which BTW, is so amazing. I have tried many many color reviving masks, and by far…this one is my favorite. It delivers ultimate shine and a nice color boost in copper ranges rather than red) and the Phyto 9. As a freebie, I got many samples + the travel kit of phytojojoba. I also *finally* purchased the red mascara from By terry, and I have received SO many compliments. It makes my lashes match beautifully my hair and eyebrows, and boosts the green color of my eyes 🙂


My first steam aroma diffuser, which works amazingly: My whole room smells delightful and its so soothing to see it change color and release a mist! 🙂 I also got one of my favorite candles: LM roasted chestnuts. Of course, could not forget the Berger lamp refills: Reve d’Archipels is a nice tropical-sunny scent but not overly sweet, and Echappee a Capri is…think Dior’s portofino fragrance…its along those lines. I also got my first Neom candle, and will see if it smells as heavenly as it does on the box 😉 It smells similar as the muscle tension release massage bar from Lush.


A Liberty’s TO DO List (which I really need), Dr. Murad’s book (freebie), some eyelashes, Muji’s cotton pads (I heard a lot about them, so had to stock on those…heard they are as good as Shiseido’s)…and my bday gift from Liberty’s: Body lotion in Lavender! (smells gorgeous, like a fresh clean lavender)


My Murad’s purchase: AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser (tested it, its AMAZING, it also has microbeads to mechanically exfoliate), Aesop’s chamomille mask (which i did fall in love with from a sample, it really calms down my break outs. I leave a layer overnight, and in the morning my pimples are way less red and angry), plus famous Aesop’s resurrection hand balm (spice heaven!)


What is a London trip without hitting the counter on Barry M? Yup, I am sold on the Gelly polishes. They look exactly like that: GEL. Opaque at first coat as well.


Miscellaneous goodies (unplanned as well): Benefit’s makeup concealer in light, LM lipstick in 60’s pink (gorgeous nude healthy lip tone) and Topshop’s sunnys (I wanted the Marc Jacobs new round sunnies, but quite frankly, wasn’t gonna shell out over 250 euros for some plastic that didn’t even feel expensive (*edit* those were my hubby’s words…I might would have paid over 250 euros 😛 ). So found a nice dupe for a very affordable price)


Topshop’s Marc Jacob’s sunnies dupes!


Yay! Samples galore!!!! Me loves me some samples 🙂


Ok, maybe some of you don’t want to see this…but hey! I was super excited about this purchase: gorgeous underwear (brazilian cut) at great price!


Randome drugstore staples


What is it? As you may know, I review foundations for pale skin. And I love doing so. But that means that I need to keep up with new stuff as well as old stuff that I have not reviewed (yet). I want to make my blog / youtube the source for pale skin foundation reviews, therefore…I need to invest in it 🙂

DSC_5795 DSC_5842

From L to R: Paul&Joe Liquid cream foundation S in 00, Suqqu Frame fix cream foundation 101, D&G Perfect Matte liquid foundation in 60 Classic, Aveda mineral tinted moisturizer in 00 Sheer,  Vichy Dermablend in Porcelaine 11, Rimmel Match perfection in 010 light porcelain, Benefite fakeup in light


From L to R: Suqqu 101, D&G 60 classic, Vichy 11, P&J 00, Rimmel 010, Aveda 00

DSC_5846 DSC_5849 DSC_5851

As a final note…I want to mention that the Suqqu and the D&G ‘set’ very fast, and dont budge (I rubbed my finger, and no significant product came off). the P&J and the Rimmel don’t really set and they feel moist and glowy. The aveda looks like fresh moist skin, but sets a bit. The Vichy is an in-between: You need the powder to set it and waterproof it. First 3 have great coverage, last 3 are more on the sheer side, aveda being the sheerest (aveda is like a mac f&b in white, with a slight greyish/pinkish cast).

Full reviews will follow!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post! Will post day 7 of 30 days of foundation tomorrow! 😉