Back Home!


I am back home!!! 🙂

It was a wonderful trip, had an amazing time.

I did post regularly pictures on my Instagram, so don’t forget to check those out.

I had a small purchase of some skincare / make up that I might review 🙂 (Let me know if you want a mini-haul video)

As a side note…I wanted to inform that I will take a little break from reviewing foundations (have maybe 1-2 pre-filmed to upload) because involuntarily, I got tanned.

Not that much, but I am about NW15 right now, and my back might be a tad darker. I was using spf50+ every 90 min, and yes…went through 1 Liter of sunscreen for my 7 days there, and didn’t suntan or anything…just walking around.

My face isn’t really that tanned (NW10-12 right now)…but since my neck/chest/arms are…I don’t want to review anything until it gets back to regular shade…which might take a while.

Please understand that my aim is to review for NW/NC 15 and under, especially NC/NW05-10…so I want to be able to give an accurate representation of color.

But…I am not leaving you stranded. I was thinking of filming an alternative series meanwhile (and yes…the BB cream and ultra-pale foundation series are still planned), and I ask you to let me know out of the several options, which you would find more useful.

Thank you very much for your support and I look forward uploading videos!