Updates for youtube!

I know I have been absent and not really posting.

I havent been very happy with my video camera and although its Full HD, it is not meant to film youtube tutorial or reviews in beauty.

It rarely gives accurate color representation, goes from warm to cool as it pleases and most annoying part is that the background has pretty much the same depth as the subject. So I find it very distracting (for me) to watch myself in the video because there is no real focus, therefore I can imagine its not that nice for most of you to watch the videos.

Also, the battery seemed to last next to nothing, so in the middle of filming, I would have to run with the camera and plug it to the charger, which quite frankly: its not nice.

Downloading the video to my computer: nightmare. It was so slow and would freeze everything.

I decided to change my camera and now I am waiting for the new one to show up. Hopefully it will be much better and I will be able to provide more quality in my videos.

I also plan on spending a bit more time in editing, hopefully, and having good quality footage does motivate me to spend a bit more time in that.

I wont be posting videos that often, at least not yet. I am not back in my groove but I plan to start out with 2 videos per week and in addition to that: 2 blog posts which shall be on tuesdays and on fridays.

Friday will be more of something fun and hopefully inspire you to try new things in terms of make up/styling.

Tuesdays will be tips (beauty tips).

I will start posting those blog posts next week, since this week I will be traveling.

In terms of the video polls I made: I heard you and I shall make a tutorial to conceal acne 🙂

For my plans regarding the videos, this is whats on my drawer:

I. Finish 30 days of foundation

II. Review my foundations that I won’t keep in my collection

III. BB cream series

IV. Ultra Pale foundation series

V. Oily Skin series

VI. Acne-treatment series (Foundation + primers + concealers that work well when your skin is dried out from acne treatments, how to reduce flakiness and conceal it, products that wont ‘burn’ and irritate the skin)

VII. Mixers and lighteners series (How to lighten your foundation, which one to choose, my own collection etc…)

Not in any particular order, but those are my current plans for the year. I will probably pop in tutorials as well, seasonal trend make up looks and the such, but my priority will be those listed above 🙂

Anyways let’s stay in touch 😉