Step by Step purple eye look

I haven’t done one of these in a very long while and I thought why not guide you through step by step for a look I did to go out.

I did end up changing the lip color but besides that…all is the same.



Start off by priming your skin (Kanebo Sensai Brightening primer), Prime your eyelids (MAC paint pot in painterly), Set your eye primer (Chantecaille e/s shell)


Let’s start with the eyes, shall we? Here I used my YSL Palette no. 11. I took the darkest purple from the right side and applied it as a wash all over my lid.

Then I proceeded to blend it with the lightest lavender color. Then I took the darkest black-purple from the bottom left and applied it on my crease. I then blended all with the mid color (turquoise-white).

Finally I lined my eyes (bobbi brown black ink) and used concealer (La mer concealer in light)


Next…some eyebrows! I prefer to start off with a waxy base (here I am using mac brow gel for redheads) since it helps my hair to stay in place and any brow powder will stay on much longer.

Next is foundation (Mac studio fix fluid NW10) and blend!


After we have our face all evened out, it is time for concealing (Here I used a mix of yellow + NW10 concealer from the studio concealer palette), I proceeded to blend all that with the brush I used for the foundation, since it still contains a bit of foundation and that will even out any harsh lines from the concealer.

Now…some eyebrow powder (Make up store brow duo) and some contouring of the eyebrows (optional, but I find it gives a nice polished look, I am using kryolan or mehron concealing palette)

Finally…I love to set my undereye concealer with a brightening powder (Here, some Aussie minerals perk-me-up powder)


I swear, I swear! We are approaching the end!

I like to apply a bright color on my waterline if I have a heavy eyelid, it helps to balance everything when you wear eyeglasses (mine make my eyes look very small), here I am using Korres eye kohl.

Some mascara (YSL singulier in purple) and setting my make up (only T-zone) (La mer setting powder in translucent)


Now let’s bring back some life to the skin. A bit (or perhaps too much for many) blush (Sleek cosmetics, but Nars Exhibit-A and Taj Mahal are similar), although my camera did pick a bit too much of color.

Some highlighting (love this step, especially if I have a relatively matte face) (Guerlain meteorites cruel gardenia)

Lipliner and lipgloss and we are good to go! (and some setting spray!)


We are dooooone! Yey yey yet! Party!

As you can see, when you wear eyeglasses, it is important to perhaps go a bit overboard with under eye brightening, because it brings back the volume that the eyeglasses ‘suck’.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Thanks for stopping by!