Foundation Review: Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation 101


Foundation reviewed today:

Suqqu Frame Fix Cream Foundation 101

***For your reference, I am around NW/NC 05-08 right now***

Youtube review:


Shade equivalency in MAC: NC/NW 13-15 (Mac studio sculpt foundation)

Undertone: Neutral to yellow
Foundation Finish: Fresh Matte (slightly more on the glowy side)
Coverage: Medium Full to Full
Sparkly/Highlighting particles: None visible
Sunscreen: spf 25
Sunscreen ingredient: 
Oxidation Rate: 3 out of 10
Longevity: 8-9 out of 10
Staining capacity: 1 out of 10
Comfort: 10 out of 10
Fragrance/Scent: None detectable / very mild
Additional features: 
Additional comments:
I am reviewing the shade 101. They do have available 001 and 201 and 001 might be even *paler* but it has a stronger yellow undertone. 101 is neutral and 201 is darker and pinkier.
The vertical arrow represents depth of tone while the horizontal arrow represents undertone. As you can see, 101 is falling in the middle, yet it isn’t the lightest.
Suqqu foundation_shademap
I tested this one under the store lights and since my undertones are very bluish, 101 did seem as the most natural one but looking back: I would try the 001 under daylight.
Mind you, these foundations do not have a *huge* difference between depths of tone: 201 did not seem THAT much darker than 101 and 001 did not seem THAT much lighter than 101.
They don’t carry a big variety of depths, they are all relatively between NW/NC12 and NW/NW 30-33?
Anyways, I absolutely adore this foundation: It controls my oil without being  ‘matte’ (it does let through some of my natural shine, but that is normal and absolutely fine). It does seem to ‘volume’ down my pimples, evens out surface, pores disappear, skin appears ‘lifted’, it is moisturizing, does not show on flakiness and resists humidity and hot weather beautifully.
It isn’t my perfect match but I am willing to overlook that detail for the benefits I do get. It is my trusted go-to foundation when I need something reliable for the day.

Swatches & Pictures: