My current skincare routine

My skin type according to Baumann is OSNT: Oily Sensitive Non Pigmented Tight

I have found something that seems to be working fairly well to me lately.

If you have been following me on youtube, you might know that I stopped using facial ‘moisturizers’ alltogether in an attempt to lessen my acne, as well as changing my cleansing methods.

It did work well but then somewhere along the road it did ‘stop’ working (summer heat took its toll on my skin) and I went back partially to my old skincare routine: BIG MISTAKE.

I broke out epically and I am talking over 12 cysts on my face without counting regular pimples and whiteheads.

(FYI: I have been on Birth control pill, accutane (4 cycles, or equivalently over 3 years of treatment, back to back since my skin did not respond as expected), antibiotics, retinoids, natural and non natural methods over the past 15 years)

I decided to switch all over again and just use facial oils. It did calm my skin last time…so I wanted to know if it would work again.

And to my surprise my skin is behaving much better. So much that I do not need foundation: simple spot concealing is enough.

I do attribute my skin getting better with many other factors but a big thing is also when I reduced the amount of days that I do wear foundation. It has calmed my skin A LOT.

I do love my foundations: It is a passion of mine, not to hide my skin, but to create what I wish with it. It is like fragrance but for the sight.

Enough blabbing, here I present you my current skincare routine:


Part 1: Cleansing.

For me this is the most important aspect since it primes the skin for everything else.

I am mainly using oil based cleansers: Aesop parsley seed face cleansing oil and Darphin aromatic rosewood balm cleanser.

Usually the oil for the morning (leaves my skin very clean, glowy and soft, plus it calms any acne breakout almost instantly). It also has a very luxurious feeling (the oil is deep amber color) and it smells heavenly (as an added bonus, a bottle will last for over 6 months of daily use, and yes…I POUR a lot of oil, but somehow I need less of this since it does the job so well)

The balm is more night time product: It is heavier and thicker to remove properly any cosmetic products / sunscreen. It also smells HEAVENLY which I like for night time (perfect to feel pampered). It rinses off very easily and leaves the skin feeling very clean (more of a ‘squeaky’ clean finish than the oil).

I then proceed to use my toner (currently Michael Todd Organics Lemon Face toner with DMAE). I usually stay away from any alcohol based toner since they make things worse. I love spray toners for most of the part, but this one is great if you want extra exfoliation and ‘firmness’.

I also treat my eyes to twice-a-day cleanse. Usually I will try to use micellar water in my morning cleanse, but I love the hydrated feeling that a nice make up remover gives (my eyes tend to be very dry and irritated). I am loving at the moment the Gosh professional eye make up remover and the Jurlique eye make up remover.


Step 2: Skincare

I start off by applying my eye serum (Lancome Genifique eye light pearl) since I don’t want any of the subsequent face products to get into my eyes, so it is good to lay a base on the eyes first.

I let it soak in properly and then I will apply my eye cream (loving the Bobbi Brown Extra eye repair cream, brightens instantly and smoothes away any fine lines, plus my eye contour stay moist for the entire day, and it also primes the skin around the eyes for concealer!).

If it’s night time, I usually go straight to my eye balm (Bobbi Brown extra eye balm, which I have had for over a year, I know I know…label says 6months shelf-life, but seriously: It is hard to finish it!!) and this one stays on well the whole night and I wake up with very moist eye contour.

Once eyes are done, I move towards my face.

As mentioned earlier, I do not use face creams or gels for moisturizing purposes. I only use face oils. I have found those to be way less clogging, more calming and balancing.

I mostly use now the Ren Bio retinoid concentrate (an oil) which my dear hubby gifted me (Thank you! :*). So far I am loving it and I can see a clear difference in my skin texture/tone and I am not breaking out (rather I feel this, being a derivative of Vitamin A, or retinoid acid, it controls my acne much better)

For a change, I always go back to my beloved Aromatheraphy Associates revitalizing face oil. This was my first true-commitent face oil that was recommended to me by Anastasia (Laura Mercier counter in Liberty London). I have been through many bottles of this.

I also have MAC’s sweet orange oil just if I feel fancy to get a nice scent.

For my more hard-core treatment (mainly acne / smoothness / glowy skin) I use NeoStrata Gel Forte Plus salicylic (15% Glycolic acid, 2% salicylic. Mine is different than the one available on their website. You can find this version probably in Germany, Spain and UK ). This goes on clear and it is basically a strong dose of salicylic and glycolic acid. I use it every 3-4 nights. Give a tremendous glow to the skin.

In between, I alternate using Airol 0,05% (Retin-A) in an esther base (less irritation, nearly no flakiness). I might even apply REN bioretinoid concentrate underneath. I feel this helps a lot.

I don’t use exfoliants; not because my skin gets irritated or flaky, quite the contrary: my skin gets used too quickly. So I skip days in order for my skin to not get used to it. I alternate between 2 different exfoliants (AHA based and retinoids) mainly in order to exfoliate at different levels (or angles, if you wish).


Finally, step 3: Neck skin care AND sunscreen.

I take care of my neck by using face creams that I do not use on my face. Currently I am using Kiehls Abyssine Cream spf 23 and when it gets very sunny, I do add ISDIN Ultra fusion fluid SPF100+.

For my face, I do alternate sunscreens. But My 2 go-to lately (since I haven’t been needing foundation) are the Avene mineral sunscreen spf 50+ milk and Laneige Sunblock triple spf 40 with color correction. The former one has a whiteish-peachy cast to it and it is slightly less forgiving on any dry areas of the skin (mainly due to being 100% mineral based and pretty opaque) yet it gives me more ‘oiliness’ than the Laneige: which is a pearly mauve shade, gives a nice glow to the skin but controls oil better. It is also less moisturizing and can be at times too oil controlling if applied underneath a mattifying foundation.

For days that I wear foundation I tend to reach over the Korres Red grape cream spf 50 (very nice base to spread the foundation, but can be a bit tingly or irritating if your skin is sensitive) or the Sunplay Skin Aqua spf 50+ (a no feel sunscreen, very watery, but also very drying for everyday use). Institut Esthederm Photo Reverse is my last resort, since it tends to make my face oily (I am considering adding that one to my neck sunscreen staple).

I try to always apply enough sunscreen. It makes such a difference in overall skin tone and texture.

I hope you have enjoyed this.