Big concealer / correctors post: Swatches


Finally getting around to swatch my entire ‘concealer’ collection.

Some I have hit pan with (probably you would notice they are my favorites).

If you are interested in a video on this let me know!


From L to R: Lightest and darkest (NW12-14 and NC/NW 15-16)


Dermacolor palette. D0 to D3 1/2 is left to right. D7 to D64 is bottom to top. D3W to D32 is left to right and D66 to D2W is bottom to top.

D0 is close to NC05, D04 06 is NC07-09, D1W is NC/NW 12-13, D62 is NC/NW 12-15.


Mac studio concealer palette in light. Left to right: NC15, NW10, NC20, NW25, Yellow and Pink.


Laura Mercier Secret camouflage in Sc01 (NW15 and NC07)


Mac studio correctors in salmon, orange and green


Le Maq Palette. Upper picture has the first row and bottom picture as the second row.


From L to Right: Illamasqua 105 (NW05), Mac NW15 (it runs lighter than any of their NW15), Korres 01 (NC13), Kevin Aucoin 01 (NC/NW10), Armani 2 (NC13-15), La mer Light (NW12-14), Benefit Fake up Light (NC/NW15), Dainty Doll 001 (NW07-08)


From L to Right: Laura Mercier corrector mauve, orange, mauve + illamasqua 105 and Everyday Minerals Aussie perk me up (NC/NW 08-10)


Estee Lauder: My staple for undereye concealing. It is amazingly creamy, stays on all day and brightens the under eye like very few do. I mainly use only the lighter shade and I am soon running out of it!!! I use this concealer when I have no time to use a corrector underneath and I have serious dark circles going on.

Dermacolor: Very very very good value for money, has amazing coverage and is very similar to Laura Mercier secret concealer. The good thing about this palette is that it is very versatile and I have used that palette for over a year now…and I still have PLENTY. My staple colors are D0, D04 06, D1W and D62.

Mac studio palette: I mainly mix the 2 top and 2 bottom shades the most, but it isn’t a favorite concealer of mine, mainly because the lasting powder is not as great as say Dermacolor. I use this if my pro longwear has failed to cover any spots.

Laura Mercier Secret camouflage: AMAZING. The darker shade: not much use for me, but the lighter shade is phenomenal. I use it when I know I don’t want any creasing at all (if I happen to have an oilier than normal day, since it is wax based, it has harder time melting)

Mac studio correctors: Use them when there is serious discoloration going on.

Le Maq palette (available at Good tool to have around in order to customize shades. It is not my favorite set to correct, but it does the job well. I prefer it for blush/highlighting/lipstick.

Illamasqua 105: When I am at my palest, I use to lighten the rest of my concealers. It is technically white with a pink cast to it. Dont dream about applying this straight to cover under eye circles: you will end up worse. It isnt a great product overall: too dry, not pigmented enough and hard to blend.

Mac prolongwear concealer: I love this stuff. It is not big of a deal for me (the shade) because I only spot conceal my pimples (and usually when you have acne, it is not a bad idea to use a shade darker on the top of the pimple just to reduce the volume, so you can give the illusion of a flatter surface). It stays on like nothing else, covers pretty much like nothing else. Amazing and lightweight.

Korres pomegranate concealer: If you prefer creamier textures to conceal blemishes. This is meant mainly for blemishes. It has a gooey texture (think a lightened version of honey), is very very pigmented but a tad hard to work with.

Kevin Aucoin: I dont like it that much for foundation (have encountered better with same or more coverage with more breathability factor, keep in mind this stuff has mineral oil in the first couple of ingredients) but as a spot concealing or under eyes, it is quite decent. Although for the price, I am not sure I would buy it again. Texture is pretty similar to the Korres, but maybe a bit more solid.

Armani maestro concealer: Not that good. Similar texture to mac prolongwear, but a fraction of the coverage. It annoys me this product. I use it mainly to define eyebrows.

La Mer treatment concealer: Again, can you see? I am hitting pan on this one. I love it. Absolutely love it. Has a lovely salmon undertone that makes any dark circles vanish. It also has spf 20 (or was it 25?) and is extremely moisturizing but at the same time long lasting. Its very high coverage and very very little is needed to get the job done. I will repurchase this one over and over again. But this is better for undereye and it might crease a tad on dry pimples.

Benefit Fake up: I love it. What can I say. It isnt exactly my shade, but I love the dewiness and glowiness it gives my undereye. It feels so comforting and moist, plus it smells like a lovely cocoa butter lipbalm. This isnt full coverage, but just for those days where you just need an extra something but not necessarily the coverage.

Dainty Doll concealer: It has an odd powder-creamy texture going on….imagine Laura Mercier secret concealer but 10 times more ‘powdery’. It is medium coverage at best, but I love this stuff on top of the Benefit fake up. And I love the shade…very few concealers out there are of that shade.

Everyday minerals perk me up: I adoooooore this. OMG. My HG when I need more coverage and highlight under my eyes. It is awesome. Period.

Laura Mercier correctors: Use very little of this or you will end up with the reverse effect. Apply concealer on top of this. Use mauve if you have very bluish or pinkish undereye circles or orange if you have more brownish/greenish cast. It has similar consistency to the secret concealer, but waaay more pigmented.

Anyways, I hope this was of any help and let me know if you have any questions or requests!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you on monday!