Primers for Combination / Oily skin (+for pale skins)

I wont be including any swatches here. I may do (in the future) a more in depth review (video, anyone interested?).

Anywaysszzzz, if you have combination to oily skin, acne-prone and/or want some brightening effect (and perhaps go out without any foundation), this post is for you!


Make up For ever: HD Primer in light blue no. 5

Oil controlling: 6 out of 10

Has a nice texture and this shade in particular is very good to counter-act any sallowness, discoloration or redness on pale to very pale skins. Can also be mixed with foundation to lighten the shade, but be careful that the formulas match, otherwise it ends up being a mess.

YSL: Teint Parfait oil free in pale pink no. 1

Oil Controlling: 6 out of 10

Can be used on its own, as a primer or as a mixer. It is heavy in silicones and has slight sparkly particles (very very tiny, and only visible if you really observe). It evens out pale skin tones very nicely.

SKII: Brightening Lucent base spf 25.

Oil Controlling: 7-8 out of 10

Amazing base. One of my favorites. Can be worn on its own (leaves a gorgeous porcelain-skin), has tiny pearlescent particles that evens out the skin tone. Cream texture. It also brightens a lot, and worn under any foundation it makes it look way more radiant. This is a nice ‘booster’ for matte foundations, giving them dimension and life.

Kanebo Sensai: Brightening Make up base

Oil Controlling: 6 out of 10

Very similar to the SKII but more liquid-ish texture. Also has pearlescent particles. Brightens the skin tone and evens out any minor discolorations. This does not have a big effect on matte foundations (like the SKII),

Shu Uemura: Whitefficient UV Base spf 30

Oil controlling: 8 out of 10

Can be a bit drying in my opinion. Does a nice job in reducing sallowness and can lighten skin tone (optically) and giving appearance of a more even shade. It does prolong the wear of any foundation, although not all foundations work with this primer. It has a peculiar pale pink-violet shade and is in a mousse form.

Dermalogica: Clearing mattifier

Oil Controlling: 8-9 out of 10

This works in the moment as well as long term treatment. In my opinion, this can be quite drying, so I would not use it every single day. Or rather use it as spot treatment (T zone for example, or wherever you are more oily). This is heavy silicone, but in my opinion, the ones they use in this formula does not cause break outs like other silicones. Its purpose is to transport the active ingredients into the skin. It has a silicone-gel texture and requires a bit of work to apply. Has a matte finish.

Nars: Oil free pro prime.

Oil Controlling: 8 out of 10

Very fluid, very fresh and does it job at controlling oil production. It prolongs the wear of any foundation, but the best is with a liquid foundation.

MAC: Creme Matte.

Oil Controlling: 6-7 out of 10

I like this just to even out the skin texture and slightly control oil production. It is heavy in silicones. It creates a smooth surface. I don’t consider it to be the best in oil controlling.

MAC: Oil Control Lotion.

Oil Controlling: 9-10 out of 10

This is my go to if I need to control the oil. It is not drying (it is quite hydrating), it feels fresh, smells good…and has no silicones (I believe, could be wrong). It can be drying if you use it every single day on your whole face, but otherwise it is very good. It achieves 10 out of 10 if combined with either Dermalogica clearing mattifier, Shu uemura mousse primer or Nars Oil free pro prime. Those are my go-to, trusted mixes when I need to keep someone’s oil production at bay as best as possible.


To sum up:

If you have Dry Combo skin: Sensai Brightening make up base, SKII, YSL Teint parfait

If you have Oily Combo skin: Make up for ever HD primer, Creme matte, Nars pro prime oil free, Shu Uemura

If you have Oily skin: Shu Uemura, Mac Oil control lotion, Dermalogica Clearing mattifier, Nars pro prime oil free or layering products.

If you want to brighten your skin: SKII, Sensai, YSL, Make up for ever

If you want to reduce sallowness: Shu Uemura whitefficient uv primer, Make up For ever

If you want to have a product to brighten and wear it on its own: SKII, Shu Uemura


And since I am feeling nostalgic (once more…this is what fall weather does to me), I want to show you a little bit of myself:

I used to overpluck my eyebrows. I loved it at the time. I would not do that again.

My old apartment, before I moved in with my hubby. It was a mess of a place thanks to myself and my sorta busy schedule. Oh and I took that picture the first day I bought my pro dslr: Nikon D700.

My mom’s bird, back when she used to live in Spain.

So many things have changed since those pictures. Most of them have been towards good. Especially concerning my own personal growth.



I hope you enjoyed this quick post!