Tuesday: Blog schedule announcement and what makes me happy

I have felt that I have just been posting whatever I felt like (beauty related) but there is no real structure. And that is about to change.

Here is my planned schedule for whats to come:

Mondays: Usually a look of the day, step by step for example, featuring in-action use of pale-friendly products. (Also for my youtube channel)

Tuesdays: Discussing anything and everything beauty, new findings and likings.

Gratitude Wednesday: A post dedicate to anything and everything relating gratitude.

Review Thursday: A review of a product (hopefully foundation or the such) (Also for my youtube channel)

Artsy Friday: Featuring a look that is more out-of-the-box and unconventional. Mainly I want to challenge myself to create something rather than stick to the tried-and-tested methods/looks. I want to experiment and this is my opportunity to do so. We tend to often stay in the box and not challenge our perceptions and ideals, and I truly hope this will inspire you to try something new; whatever that might be.


Study Saturday: For all of you who are currently studying, planning on studying…thinking of going back to study or simply life students, I want to share my tips and tricks on the matter. It is a BIG, and I mean very BIG part of my life currently and I feel like I could contribute a lot more out there by sharing such.

I hope you will enjoy this. Keep on the lookout for the gratitude day tomorrow. Let’s make life richer than simply beauty and appearances. I am not trying to reduce the importance of feel-good items (cosmetics, splurges and the such), but I also want to promote in my blog something more than that. I am much more of a person than a ‘make up artist’ or that ‘girl who rambles about pale foundations’. I want to give back in different ways.

So many blogs have inspired me to change in a more positive way, so many people, yet I never dared to put myself out there to actually create a change. Don’t get me wrong: I love reviewing pale foundations. I love discussing about cosmetics. But life is much more than that, and I want to show what I have learned, what I will learn of the different colors and dimensions to life because it makes me happy, and hopefully it will make you happy as well.

I was just sitting here and thinking of how many nice things I am blessed to have around…and the first things in my mind had nothing to do with cosmetics.

Cosmetics are a nice help and for me…a tool to express my creativity and achieve a personal ideal (or several ideals), like I own many pencils, pens and whatnot because I love to draw, paint…I am blessed to be able to have the material to express my creativity, but what truly makes me happy is not the ‘material’, but the experience.

Why I love shopping (do not confuse shopping with buying, which are not mutually exclusive)? Its the feeling, the getting lost in the colors, sounds…scents…the sensory process, interacting with people. Yes, many might say you talk about the same old boring stuff (what shade would suit me best, how to get X look etc…), but at the same time…you are interacting with a person, whom has thoughts, ideals, experiences, a past and a present.

I love not having to worry, its like a wonderland, where for a moment you can get absorbed into something.

Buying in itself is nothing, is empty. Being able to buy, to buy something that has a worth and importance to you, and something that makes your life richer (does not necessarily have to do with material, you can buy a service…a massage, a nice hair cut…), that has a beauty on its own. Its more of the aftermath than the act.

Anyways, I do hope I have not lost you here 😉

Question of the day: What makes YOU happy?

See you tomorrow!