Gratitude Wednesday: 2 year engagement anniversary!

It’s been 2 years since we got engaged and my husband surprised me with a gift that I did not expect!


I had been talking about this fragrance ever since I sniffed it back in May. I am very picky with fragrances and I don’t happen to *want* to wear just about any.

Today I get to wear Tom Ford’s Plum Japonais from his Orient collection and that is the first thing I am grateful for: Being able to be submersed in the richness of the fragrance world. Being able to appreciate the art and beauty that is contained within a spritz of molecules that happen to be received by the nose scent receptors. Isn’t it beautiful that one can experience SO MUCH with SO LITTLE? 🙂

A lot has changed since we got engaged, I would say all for good. Or perhaps I perceive it that way. In either case, I want to share a bit what I am grateful for:


  • Having a roof over my head
  • Being able to train, workout…
  • Having a soulmate to whom to talk to, whom understands me and shares my quirks and silliness, my best friend, my husband; could have not asked for better
  • Having food on my plate
  • Muffy: Which, right now, is trying to figure out if he will eat the persimmon or he will give it to me ❤
  • Clothes to wear
  • Being able to write in this blog and share things with you guys
  • Getting better at my studies
  • Managing my time better
  • Have the opportunity to travel around the world
  • Have the chance to have my perception changed
  • For my mom having her cool house! Finally! Its been around 8 months since this has been in progress and now she has a very gorgeous little apartment of hers and I am so proud of her of all what she has accomplished and done.


Thats it for this week. I am off to preen myself for our anniversary dinner-meal. I will make sure to post my look on instagram 😉

Question: What are you grateful for, this week?

See you tomorrow!