Updates and favorites for the month :)

Long absence is never encouraging to start something again – or in this case, pick up something, again.

I strayed afar from my schedule of 5 to 6 posts per week and even thought it was a great and ambitious goal, it is something that, no matter how motivated or psyched up I might be, I wont be able to keep at this time and point in my life.

I have also derailed from posting reviews in youtube because as you may imagine, it is already a tedious task with a blog…if I have to add to that the fact that a video takes roughly 8 hrs to make…well, you get the picture πŸ™‚

No matter how long I am absent, I always get this longing to write to you guys or do a video…and thats why I am here again. I wanted to make a personal video on what has been going on in the past…6 weeks or so of my life, share my ups and downs as well as my new cosmetic discoveries.

Without further ado, here goes my video:


I promised I would also list my favorites and new purchases over here…so:

Bobbi brown eye cream: Very hydrating and fresh. Has an in-built primer for your under eyes…so the concealer stays fresh for longer!


Lush snow fairy shower gel & massage bar. I love this stuff. It smells like…candy…lollipop.


Pupa fondotinta antitraccia in shade 11 (which is discontinued except in few remote online spots)…I LOVE this stuff. Its a total perfect match. Its around NC/NW 05-08. Does not oxidize…if something…it gets lighter!


Dr.Brandt microdermoabrasion…this stuff is miraculous. When my skin feels bleh and needs a boost, this is what I resort to. Have tried many others and none compare to this one.


Pureology hair spray. Smells like heaven. Makes my hair shiny…its amazing. Need to get a new one.


Alessandro pedix feet, this cures my horribly dry feet in 1 application. I wake up with baby smooth feet πŸ™‚


Coverderm concealer, I have shade 1 (NC07-09?), its a tad dry, but it covers EVERYTHING.


Coverderm classic, meant as a foundation of extreme coverage…this is also a concealer, much creamier than the concealer itself. It is about NC/NW 10-12, but it is beautiful beautiful beaaaaautifuuuuul finish and covers everything.


Yep…I have been on a coverderm kick….the undereye concealer. Its way lighter than the previous, but gives such a lift and luminosity around eyes!


Lush R&B, my favorite hair grooming cream. Smells wonderful (I always get asked which fragrance I am wearing, when in fact its this product!)


Redken quick tease 15…awesome to give roots a lift. Has a slight matte finish.




Phyto Phytocitrus hair mask and shampoo: Can’t live without. This brings back shine and life to my colored hair. And yes…it preserves bright copper hair like nothing else.



Shu Uemura Whitefficient UV underbase: My staple. I dislike it as a primer, but love it on its own to even out my skin tone and give that boost of radiance without any shimmery particles.


Bobbi brown eye brightener…I use in porcelain bisque. I tend to use it when I dont have any foundation on. It has a very nice luminous sheer finish.




SKII brightening lucent base: Another staple, but unlike Shu…I love this one either as a primer or on its own. This has shimmery particles, but still looks subtle and the radiance it delivers is outstanding. Also…controls oil πŸ™‚



I think thats about it for now, I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know which are your favorites for the month πŸ™‚