Resolutions for the week (05/01 – 12/01)

Welcome to my New Year’s resolution progress series.

This will be for the first week (05/01/15-12/01/15).

I will be setting small goals for me to achieve throughout the week in order to achieve my bigger and main goals (which you can find over here).

  • Spend 2 hrs on my English teaching certificate course. (Goal: 20) 2 HRS
  • Study 58-60 pages of my astrophysics course. (Goal: 2) 15 HRS
  • Study 20 pages of my neurophysics course. (Goal: 3) 3 HRS
  • Prepare all my meals in advance for the day. (Goal : 1) 4 HR
  • Write 2 blog posts. (Goal: 17) 1-2 HRS
  • Update few more swatches. (Goal: 17) 1-2 HRS
  • Film a review (if weather condition permits) (Goal: 17) 5-6 HRS
  • Go request a hospital document I procrastinate. (Goal: 16) 3 HRS
  • 1 yoga session (Goal: 6) 1 HR
  • Go for 30 min walks in the morning (Goal: 18) 3,5 HRS
  • Spend 1 hr learning Finnish (Goal: 21) 1 HR
  • Spend 1 hr learning Navajo (Goal: 19) 1 HR
  • To not miss any training sessions, even if that means doing less, still doing. (Goal: 1) 8,5 HRS


This is time that I have booked and set for my goals, which will lead me to have a better life and career.

I am also having a small challenge for myself and that is to not buy right away when seeing something, but rather placing it into my weekly list. If it makes it into my monthly list and it is something I need, I will purchase it. If I don’t need it but I achieved a milestone then I will consider it as a gift to myself 🙂

Let me know in the comments down below what are YOUR goals for the week and whether you have booked them into your day?

Thanks for reading!


For those of you interested, this is how I have allotted time (in order of priority)

-Cooking (for Monday/Tuesday/wednesday)
-Study 4 hrs 
-Study my english certificate

-Study 4 hrs
-Video Review
-Swatch foundations

-Write blog post
***Most day is booked. Traveling to meet my coach. Will be accomplishing a part of goal 1 and 18***
-Cooking (Thursday / Friday )
-Studying 3 hrs
-1 yoga session

0800-1100: Booked for therapy.
1200-1600: Booked for lunch and catching up with my mom
1600-1900: Fetch the hospital document
-Study for my english certificate
-Cooking (Saturday / Sunday)
-Study 2 hrs

-Study 1-2 hrs