The Checklist: What do I need to consider before moving with my pet bird to the US?

You are wondering…but what do I NEED to take care in order to move my pet bird to the US?

In this first instalment, I shall discuss the checklist; an abbreviated form of what you should be taking care when considering to move your bird with you to the US.

Shall we start?

There are several components to the move:

Your country of origin’s requirement to export the bird

Your country of destination’s requirement to import the bird

Everything in between those

Let’s start with the first part; The country of origin.

On the checklist, you will have to make sure that:

  • You have all the export permits necessary
  • You are aware of the regulations in the airport when transiting with an animal
  • You are aware of the requirements by the airport security

For the country of destination;

  • Make sure you have contacted the customs
  • Make sure you know the documentation needed by the customs
  • Check with any governing authority on animal importation what documentation they need
  • Make sure which method of transportation they accept (cargo vs. cabin?)
  • Make sure you are aware of the quarantine regulations
  • Make sure you are aware of the fees for the quarantine

For the in-between:

  • You are aware of the airline regulation concerning the travel with your bird species and size
  • You know which airline will accept in cabin your bird
  • If carrying by cargo, check that the airline has a good reputation for live animal transportation and make sure it is a direct flight
  • Make sure you have the health certificates issued by an official government veterinary
  • Make sure your bird is healthy and capable to endure such a trip
  • Make sure you have an airline approved carrier for your bird (it is different on which kind and size your are allowed depending whether it is cargo vs. cabin)
  • Make sure if you have any stop-overs, that the lounge you will attend accepts birds

This is pretty much the shortlist of what you should be aware and consider before moving abroad. In this case, I will be touching on moving to the US and with a bird in cabin.

Check back soon for the next part, which will deal in much depth about the formalities (documents, import permits, airline regulations and more).

Until then!


Nora + Muffy