Long Time No See :O

Oh my, Oh my….where do I begin?

Life…just life. A lot has been going on since my last post. But I won’t bore you with that. I actually came here to tell you I will be working on few things before leaving to Finland for my Grandmother’s funeral (on the 23rd of this month, she passed away on the 28th of December 2015 :(), since then I will be away for 5 weeks spending time with family.

I wanted to take this time and opportunity to thank you all who have supported me and subscribed to my blog / youtube channel.

I am working on few things that you might want to keep an eye on before the end of the month;

  1. My 2015 favorites. It is filmed. Now I am editing it.
  2. Massive 2016 make up sale. 90% of my foundations (which are pre-recorded reviews, so the reviews will go out in due time), 70% of my lipsticks and eyeshadows will go up on sale. I am renewing my kit with products that I truly want to have or in other words…my taste has changed. I have many many MANY mac eyeshadows and pigments, most LE and impossible to find that I will put up for sale.
  3. few foundation reviews. The format will be different. It will be short and sweet. 5 min reviews.
  4. Hopefully more frequent blog post, gotta make it a habit, huh? 😀
  5. My -updated- make up collection video.

Anyways, hope you are still hanging there. I do hope that by this weekend the favorites video will be up 🙂

Oh and of course…MORE muffy related posts 🙂 And more of his appearances in videos 🙂

I hope I will be able to bring on more quality content this 2016 🙂

See you soon!