Vapour organic Foundations in 090


I have recently purchased the Vapour organic beauty sample set to try out their foundations and concealers.

Much to my disappointment, their labelling of ‘very fair’ left much to desire for; yes it is pale in comparison with other brands, but by no mean it is ultra pale or a good match for me.

Their liquid foundation (atmosphere soft focus in S090) was NW 14-15 and it did oxidize a bit, in addition to really having a watery and low coverage (more like a watery tinted moisturizer if you ask me).

Their stick foundation (atmosphere luminous in 090) was an insanely sheer foundation ranging NW 12-14 (purely because it is so sheer, one would be able to wear it even at NW 10 if they wanted a ‘bronzed’ look or NW 15); I was very surprised that this was a ‘stick foundation’. I wonder how it is possible to achieve such a low coverage. It is the equivalent of tinted moisturizers of stick foundations.

Overall, it might be a nice product if you are after organic beauty products and don’t really look for coverage.

I would recommend these if you are looking for a warmer tone for summer if you are NW 10-12, or a match if you are NW 14-15.

I added the swatches to the NC/NW 10-15 section.