Long time no see ^_^

I am finally done with my second to last exam for my degree.

That aside, I have something planned for this friday’s livestream: E-P-I-C Friday.

How is this any different from previous friday’s? Well…I have an epic amount of new things to try out (some I have already tried, but did not talk about them yet) and show you guys.

From Jeffree Star: All the Skin frost + Eyeshadow palette

From Becca: Pearl highlighter

Charlotte Tillbury stuff, Bite beauty, Cover FX (N0 foundation), Tatcha and more!

I will be doing a first impressions + live tutorial on fun things one can do with the products and you can ask live questions about the products and more! ^_^

I shall also update you guys a bit about what has been going on in my life for the past few weeks.

I hope to see you there; Friday at 2PM EST.