My Accutane (Isotretinoin) Journey – Day 9

Already been almost 10 days. And as promised, here is an update.

I thought of breaking it down into several subsections:


I suppose it is here were I have the most to talk about. This time around, the side effects have kicked in early and have kicked in hard.

Considering my estimated dose has to be doubled next month and then tripled from what I have, I am not sure how I will handle that. I guess I will take it a day at the time. This time around has been a reminder that Accutane is really no joke. While some people will have no side effects, and you can even have no side effects until the last stretch of the treatment (in my case, last experience I was fine in the beginning, unless my mind has somehow blocked it and I cannot recall properly).

In this round, here is what I have experienced within the first 9 days:

  • Headaches: They aren’t on the point of terrible migraines, but they are there most of the day. It is almost the type of headache you get when you are on caffeine withdrawal, except I am not.
  • Fatigue: This one kicked in way earlier that I expected. I am definitely more tired in the morning and have hard time ‘waking up’. I also feel like I need to take a nap, which I very rarely feel like having.
  • Lower back pain: This is a weird one because I haven’t had it before, but I woke up now 2 mornings with slight strange lower back pain. It isn’t like a sciatic pain where it radiates, this stays on the lower back.
  • Nausea: Yep, this one kicked in early on too. I do get slight nausea after taking the accutane and it does last for few hours.
  • Dryness: This has been minimal so far, but it is beginning. Lips, eyes, hands and face. I have already started the measures to prevent it affecting me that much by using more eye gel drops and ointments.
  • Sensitivity: My face is definitely more sensitive. It reacts to things more than usual.


My skin has definitely become very dehydrated and dull and ‘unplumped’. This means the texture is very rough and overall looks different. I experienced a small initial breakout (day 3-7) but then suddenly the breakouts started to clear yesterday and today even more so.

I have started the method of sandwiching the layers of skincare in between mists, and it is helping tremendously in holding moisture. Also, an unexpected product is helping me heaps to keep the skin glowy and plump- Here is what it looks like now:


  1. Natura Bisse Diamond cleanser // Eve lom morning cleanser
  2. If I apply a mask, I do it then. Now I do light exfoliating masks to clear the dead skin cells, which I feel I have much more than before, and then a moisturizing mask, or simply a moisturizing mask.
  3. Skinmedica rejuvenating toner: This is my ‘acid’ tone. I spray it on a cotton pad and lightly pat around my face. I plan on getting the Biologique Recherche 1970 P50 V soon.
  4. Dermalogica multiactive toner (I plan on acquiring antioxidant hydramist soon)
  5. Biologique Recherche serum placenta (I need to finish it)
  6. Sunday Riley Good genes – This, I tell you…plumps up the skin like nothing else. It keeps my skin moisturized and plush all day long. Only difference is that I apply less than I did before I started accutane. So far this hasn’t caused any sensitivity.
  7. Mist with Caudalie grape water to enhance absorption of the next product
  8. Bobbi brown extra repair milk or a facial oil (like Lapis oil, Ren bio retinoid oil etc…, but if I use an oil, only 2 drops pressed on my face)
  9. Mist again with the Caudalie grape water
  10. Apply a moisturizer
  11. Apply spf


For my eyes, I do have to use double products to keep it from getting dry (my eyes are already dry inside and out naturally, so I have to be extra careful now). I use Verso eye serum and top it off with an eye cream and sometime pat on the corners some eye oil.


  1. Bobbi brown oil cleanser
  2. Natura Bisse Diamond cleanser // Sometimes I will use a gel type cleanser, but not often.
  3. Acid tone as in AM if I can.
  4. Dermalogica mist
  5. Bioeffect EGF serum – and wait 20 minutes (nothing should be applied on top for 20 minutes otherwise its potency will be diminished)
  6. Mist with Caudalie grape water
  7. Lightly pat an oil
  8. Mist again with caudalie
  9. Apply a very light layer of a moisturizer (Biologique recherche creme verte espoir, Dr Dennis gross vitamin C collagen cream)
  10. Dr. Hauschka eye balm for the eyes, a very generous coat.


  • Esho by Deciem Pause lip cream followed by Drench.
  • Throughout the day I re-apply moisturizing glosses / lip balms. I don’t allow my lips to be without any cream etc…otherwise they will start cracking.
  • I mist an SPF that is moisturizing on my face/neck throughout the day. My favorite at the moment is by Amore pacific, their resort spf 30 mist.
  • I try to apply body oil every time I shower. Then some body cream.
  • Hands/cuticles: Daily oil and cream.
  • Hair: It will get dry faster as you produce less and less oil. I mist Kevin Murphy oil mist on my hair, very lightly.


And again, the juicy interesting part, the progress pictures.

My active acne is much less inflammed and definitely healing. I had that flare in first few days, but that did calm down couple days ago.


Thank you for your interest and see you in a week 🙂