My Accutane (Isotretinoin) Journey – Day 14

Already 14 days. I have my follow up appointment booked for the 7th of November where, if all is going well, the dosage will be doubled.


Here is where I have seen a dramatic difference from last update.

  • Headaches: Completely gone. I have no idea why, but I am glad about that.
  • Fatigue: Not as bad as last update. Now I can sleep slightly more but I am not very tired throughout the day.
  • Lower back pain: Gone. No longer have lower back pain.
  • Nausea: Gone.
  • Dryness: Going in stronger. My eyes are definitely very affected. I already have treatment for very dry eyes, but now this is way more enhanced. They are also much more reactive / allergic, so that I have trouble using any concealers / mascara etc…My skin is also definitely getting dry and so are my lips. My hair is also way less oily.
  • Sensitivity: Same as before. No change.

I definitely think that there is an ‘adjusting’ phase to the medication. Therefore I expect to feel sick -initially- when increasing the dose next time.


I have not really changed much, in exception that I have added vitamin C to the routine (testing sunday riley CEO moisturizer and serum, so far I love them). Everything else is the same. For my night-time oil, I have been loving Sunday Riley Luna.

I need to use much more lipbalms and eye moisturizer (eye cream, eye drops…anything and everything). The corner of my eye is slightly irritated and the skin might split there if I am not careful. Lips are doing well because I am very diligent with lipbalm usage.


I have to say, I am starting to see dramatic differences. My skin is smoother, much more even and the pores are smaller. I did get new breakouts, but they aren’t as painful as before.

I am surprised at how quickly this has been working this time around. šŸ™‚

Pictures are from last update vs today.



The picture below is from when I started vs today.