My Accutane (Isotretinoin) Journey – Day 20

Going on 3 weeks with this treatment! Time has flown!


  • Headaches: None.
  • Fatigue: Is still there. Not as bad, but I do feel worn out more easily.
  • Dryness: This is becoming more and more dramatic, but somehow my eyes have not gone worse. My lips are now starting to crack even though I coat them in lipbalm all the time. If they are left unattended with lipbalm for few hours, they start to split. The skin in mo body is becoming rather dry. My face gets tight and itchy due to dryness very quickly. I need to be careful to mist it throughout the day. Foundations get sucked in very fast unless I add heaps of oil.
  • Sensitivity: Same as before. No change.

Overall, now what I notice the most is just dryness, overall dryness.


There are no major changes here. The same routine. I am thinking of getting the Bioeffect day EGF serum, since it is so ‘coating’ and hydrating.

Reporting back on the Sunday Riley CEO series: I can only use it once or twice a week. My skin has become too sensitive to handle vitamin C that frequently.

Good genes, I cut back to 3 times a week.

I will possibly start to add more heavy duty moisturizers at night, since the Bioeffect EGF is no longer enough.


I did get several new breakouts this week, couple of them were pretty painful.

But my skin does look smoother overall. I know that it will not disappear right away and I am on a very low dose currently. But I can definitely see a difference.