My Accutane (Isotretinoin) Journey – Day 28

Soon my first pack of Accutane is over.

Today I had my first check up with my Dermatologist and got done a comprehensive blood test to see how I am doing internally.

Starting tomorrow, we are going to double the dosage to 80mg per day. He estimated that it will be sufficient for me and we will run the cycle with 80mg until I no longer break out. He said in some cases he has gone as high as 120mg, but the side effects can be very tough to manage.

Without further ado, let’s get this post going:


If You don’t see the side effect listed, that is because I don’t have it currently or no longer have it. Refer to my previous posts to see the evolution of the side effects. I shall link to my previous posts at the end.

  • Fatigue: Is still there. My dermatologist told me that is perfectly normal.
  • Dryness: My skin has now taken the hit, as well as my lips. I had to change my skincare routine. My eyes are equally as dry, no change. My hair is becoming dry as well.


Last time I updated, I was still using Good Genes. I can use it, but only once or twice a week now.


Dehydration / dryness has become far more pronounced this past week, to the point that to keep my skin from becoming tight and wrinkly, I have to really coat and layer products on and keep re-applying throughout the day.


My current skincare routine is now more targeting on keeping the moisture in the skin (when the skin become alipidic, it is tougher to trap hydration in the epidermis).

My AM routine:

  1. Oil/Balm cleanser. The thicker and richer the better. I even like those that leave a slight residue behind because it relieves the tightness. Georgie & Louise healing and cleansing balm is fabulous as well as Natura Bisse diamond cleanser.
  2. Mist with Caudalie Grape water (have I mentioned what a magical product this is? Seriously, enhances absorption of everything that follows. Great for sandwiching)
  3. Sheet mask. Whichever soothing one I have. If it is a hydrogel sheet mask, even better. The more gooey product there is, the better. This works wonders on keeping my skin plump longer, without needing to resort to oils.
  4. La Mer lotion. This is seriously *so* good. It is a cross between a serum/gel/toner, texture being like a lightweight gel. But it really does help to keep in hydration. LOVE it. I also apply my eye serum and then a layer of eye oil.
  5. I mist again with Caudalie grape water.
  6. I apply my serums. Now I am finishing up my biologique recherche placenta and I mix it with the SOS. I also apply a bit of the collagene marine on my smile lines.
  7. I mist again with Caudalie
  8. I apply another serum if I wish. Something antioxidant for the day.
  9. I mist again
  10. At this stage, it depends how my skin is feeling. I either use something like tatcha dewy skin night concentrate (provides a good coating without it being heavy) or Amore pacific moisture bound mask. Both are for ‘night’ time but due to this dryness, they do the job daytime.
  11. I mist again
  12. I apply my moisturizer. Either Verso day cream (not daily), sunday riley CEO cream (if I can handle it that day) or dermalogica age smart dynamic skin recovery spf 50.
  13. I mist a final time with Tatcha luminous mist
  14. Throughout the day I mist with amore pacific resort spf 30 mist. This is very very very good at keeping hydration in. Super dewy and plump skin.



  1. Oil/Balm pre-cleanse
  2. Cleanser if my skin isn’t too dry. Usually a milk cleanser or the natura bisse diamond cleanser.
  3. Acid tone lightly with Alpha H liquid gold.
  4. Mask: Biologique recherche masque vivant in congested areas followed by masque visolastine E (not every night, just when my skin is very problematic)
  5. Mist with Caudalie.
  6. Apply La Mer lotion and dermalogica eye mask
  7. Apply BioEffect serum (I seriously love this stuff, wonderful for healing). I wait 20 minutes for it to take effect (nothing should be applied on top for 20 min to prevent interactions).
  8. I mist again with Caudalie
  9. Light coating of Amore Pacific moisture bound mask and wait 10 min
  10. Mist again with Caudalie
  11. Very thin layer of In Fiore Fleur vibrante face balm and dr. hauschka eye balm
  12. Finish by a light layer mist of Omorovicza queen of hungary mist.

So there you have it. In addition, I also apply oil on my hair every other day (Now I can go 3-4 days without washing or dry shampooing my hair!!!). Eye drops very frequently and lip balms are disappearing like hot cakes. The one that *truly* fixes my lips is the Tatcha lipbalm. If I want something more luxurious, then Hourglass lip oil.

For body, I am using the Fresh Seaberry. Smells wonderful and is just the right amount of hydration.


So…this week I have not really seen much of a difference. I have broken out on my other side, and it is usually at this point in the month that I’ll break out.

I am not very concerned, since the dosage was pretty low and I am sure next month I’ll see more results 🙂 But keep in mind that breakouts will oscillate, so don’t feel discouraged if one week your skin looks almost clear and the next you get breakoutville. It is perfectly normal.


Thank you for following my journey. And as mentioned earlier, here are the previous posts:

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