My Accutane (Isotretinoin) Journey – Day 35

Over a month has passed! 😀

I have been since a week on 80mg of Isotretinoin per day. I was expecting to feel worse but I have not really felt that big difference in terms of side effects. I did get my first blood test back and as expected the lipid panel increased.

It may not be happening to everybody, but in my case, every single accutane cycle I have had, my cholesterol shoots up as well as triglycerides (and both are normally on the mid range of normal). I just want to put this out there because it will happen to many others. That is why it is important to have blood tests done regularly during this therapy. In some cases it may even be necessary to cease the treatment because the lipids are too elevated.

They do go back to normal within 2-3 months in my experience.

Anyways, will see if some changes that I have been making will affect the next lipid screening.


If You don’t see the side effect listed, that is because I don’t have it currently or no longer have it. Refer to my previous posts to see the evolution of the side effects.

  • Fatigue: It is definitely increased. Accutane can make you tired. How much, depends on the person and dosage of course.
  • Dryness: Now my skin is bone-dry. Bone, bone, bone dry. I had to change something in my skincare to be able to wake up with not painfully dry tight skin. I also re-apply lip balm at night so that I don’t wake up with bleedy lips. Eyes: I have switched to another gel that I apply before bed time and it seems to help. I now MUST moisturize my body as well. I can notice crepey skin in many areas due to dryness.



Since my skin got drastically drier, I had to switch things around a little bit. Here is my updated routine as well as some star-products that truly are helping me a lot in this journey.


My Honorable Mentions:

  1. Caudalie Grape Water: This truly helps my skincare to work better and my skin to retain hydration when used in a sandwich method.
  2. Replenix Pure hydration: This is as close as sensation to the Bioeffect EGF day, minus the EGF. I found out I had this small deluxe sample and it has been helping to keep my skin tightness-free. Super thick gooey gel that keeps the skin looking fresh and plump.
  3. Chanel Le Lift serum: I got a sample and I must say I truly love it. It smooths my skin without adding tightness. I might consider purchasing it.
  4. BioEffect EGF serum: This is my HG serum (along with their daytime version). It is unbelievably good. Evens out skin tone, hydrates, plumps, soothes. ❤
  5. Natura Bisse Diamond cleanser: Probably my HG cleanser along with BR Lait VIP O2. Both are outrageously expensive (why you do this to me, whyyyy :(). But it gives me a much needed glow right now when my skin is so matte and rough. Smells wonderful and is super soothing. A cool thick gel that becomes a cream when first massaging and finally after a moment becomes an oil ❤
  6. Amore Pacific Resort Collection sun mist spf 30: I use this primarily for hydration. When sprayed on, it somehow coats my skin in this glossy finish that helps to preserve all the skincare I have done before. It is in a way, everything I wanted the BR finishing serums to be. BR finishing serums are nice, but if you want a true glow, glossy glow…try this one out. Only downside is the strong fragrance, which dissipates after a moment. Still…it is my HG. I want to keep re-applying it throughout the day because of how good my skin looks with it.
  7. Tears again sensitive formula: Liposomal spray for eyes (same as eye drops). Very convenient, good for keeping a steady hydration level. If you need immediate relief, use traditional eye drops.
  8. Kaplan MD lip balm spf 20: I never cut up lipbalms to finish every single drop. This one I did. It is so occlusive, so hydrating, has spf and on top of that keeps my lips crack free throughout the day. My fave along the tatcha one.
  9. Refresh Celluvisc eye gel: This is a thick eye drop (rather gel). I cannot use this during daytime because it makes my vision blurry for hours. I will use it if my eyes are in pain from dryness, but I prefer regular fluid drops for day time. This is great for night time. Just apply many drops and go to bed. Also, not pictured, is an eye balm that you apply on your inner eyelid, inside of your eyes. That one is even more intense. I shall post about it next time.
  10. Sheet masks: I love hydrogel sheet masks. They are the best. The plumpness is unreal. I found many cheap ones (with good ingredients) at TJ maxx, so go check out there if you are interested in masking daily. The foil masks are new to me, but they are funky. Whereas hydrogel cools down your skin, foil mask keeps the warmth, which can be nice in wintertime.


My AM routine:

  1. Oil/Balm cleanser. The thicker and richer the better. I even like those that leave a slight residue behind because it relieves the tightness. Georgie & Louise healing and cleansing balm is fabulous as well as Natura Bisse diamond cleanser.
  2. Mist with Caudalie Grape water.
  3. Sheet mask. Whichever soothing one I have. If it is a hydrogel sheet mask, even better. The more gooey product there is, the better. This works wonders on keeping my skin plump longer, without needing to resort to oils.
  4. Essence (La Mer, Tom Ford, SKII, PTR: Depending on the day)
  5. I mist again with Caudalie grape water.
  6. I apply my serums. Now I am finishing up my biologique recherche placenta and I mix it with the SOS. I also apply a bit of the collagene marine on my smile lines.
  7. I mist again with Caudalie
  8. Hyaluronic acid serum (Replenix pure hydration, Skinmedica HA5)
  9. I mist again
  10. Another serum (Maybe Chanel Lift, or whichever sample I feel like using)
  11. I mist again with caudalie
  12. I apply my moisturizer. Either Verso day cream (not daily), sunday riley CEO cream (if I can handle it that day) or dermalogica age smart dynamic skin recovery spf 50.
  13. I mist a final time with Tatcha luminous mist
  14. Throughout the day I mist with amore pacific resort spf 30 mist. This is very very very good at keeping hydration in. Super dewy and plump skin.



  1. Oil/Balm pre-cleanse
  2. Cleanser if my skin isn’t too dry. Cleanser of choice is either Natura Bisse diamond cleanser or Aurelia miracle balm.
  3. Acid tone lightly with Alpha H liquid gold.
  4. Mask: Biologique recherche masque vivant in congested areas followed by masque visolastine E (not every night, just when my skin is very problematic). Remove after advised time.
  5. Mist with Caudalie.
  6. Apply La Mer lotion and dermalogica eye mask
  7. Mist again with caudalie and apply a hydrating serum. If I won’t be using a sheet mask, I usually apply Bioeffect EGF. I know that it is supposed to be applied on completely clean skin, but lately it will do absolutely nothing if I do it that way, and becomes magical if I use la mer lotion before. I always wait 20-30 min before applying anything after. If I have used the Bioeffect, I will not use an oil afterwards. I will finish off by applying a moisturizer and then amore pacific mask. If I have used any other serum, I’ll proceed as below.
  8. If my skin still feels bone dry, I go ahead and use a sheet mask.
  9. I mist again with Caudalie
  10. Aurelia night cream
  11. I mist again
  12. Aurelia night oil
  13. I mist again
  14. Amore Pacific Night mask and La Bella Figura decouverte eye oil
  15. Finish by a light layer mist of Omorovicza queen of hungary mist.

Some nights I will skip the aurelia moisturizer and night oil and use a night balm.


Finally, we arrive at our weekly conclusion with pictures. I think after the dosage increase is where I have seen the biggest difference. Now I am PMSing, which I should be breakout it like hell. But here I am, with no major breakouts happening.

I have also started to notice a big difference in the whiteheads (those whitebumps you get from congestion), a drastic difference I want to say, so I am happy because my texture is smoother now.


Thank you for stopping by 🙂