My Accutane (Isotretinoin) Journey – Day 45

Now I am close to 7 weeks on the treatment. I am starting to notice big textural improvements, such as my pores looking smaller, considerable reduction in whiteheads and blackheads and no major cyst breakouts.


If You don’t see the side effect listed, that is because I don’t have it currently or no longer have it. Refer to my previous posts to see the evolution of the side effects.

  • Fatigue: Same as before. But was diagnosed with anemia, so hard to tell if it is accutane or not.
  • Muscle/Joint Soreness: This has started to be more prominent than before. I can definitely start feeling those side effects. They are not unbearable, but my joints (especially those that have been injured prior) do get stiffer. Also I have to be careful on repetitive movements. I do feel better after working out, which I haven’t been doing a lot of that lately due to having anemia (that is where my big source of fatigue stems from apparently).
  • Dryness: This week was strange. I noticed days where my skin was bone dry and then days when it actually produced some oil. Odd. Eyes are very sensitive, most of my eye creams I can no longer wear because it triggers it. I need to use an ointment at night to not wake up with sandy eyes.



My routine has stayed approximately the same as my last post update. Difference is that now I have added in vitamin c (the ones that worked the best for me are from skinceuticals and drunk elephant) and Ren Flash serum (tightens the skin and hydrates). Besides that, everything else remained the same.

I have also noticed that cushion foundations keep my skin more moisturized than regular foundations, so there is a tip for those of you taking accutane. If your foundation cracks up, patches up etc…try switching to a moisturizing cushion foundation.


I do still breakout. It wont magically make it stop. But the reduction is considerable. Slowly your breakouts go from invasive and painful cysts, to less inflammed cysts, to smaller cysts, to fewer cysts and then to pustules and so on.