My Accutane (Isotretinoin) Journey – Day 93

Happy New Year everybody!

It has been a whirlwind. I had become very busy with finals and then the holidays. In addition, I was pretty sick with the anemia.

Where do I start? Now I am path 3 months mark. I had my check up last week to get my 4th month supply.

Things aren’t going exactly as they are supposed to. I am currently at 80mg/day and the derm cannot raise it any further due to side effects. On a good note: My lipid levels did stabilize and actually come down.

On a bad note: My skin is not progressing. After the dosage increase to 80mg/day, acne went full haywire and dryness just kept increasing. My derm said I have a very resistant acne and might need an unusually long treatment (considering this is not my first round of accutane, and my skin is still flaring up this bad), which I am not thrilled about because it means a very long period of fatigue and really dry skin.


Check previous posts for all side effects/changes.

  • Fatigue: This one is intensifying, but not dramatically. I feel it has stabilized to  ‘I am all day long fatigued’ which gets worse if I have been on the move and then sit down for a while, everything just crashes.
  • Muscle/Joint Soreness: I had some strange joint pains (in hands, I never really got anything there) that did dissipate. Comes and goes. Muscles: They get oddly sore or very tight for no reason. Massages / active stretching does help.
  • Dryness: Holy cows. This went through the roof. Lips are kind of destroyed if I forget to re-apply lip balm, the body is very very dry – to the point that I started getting eczema flare-ups. I cannot really wash my hands frequently because it dries them out too much. I was prescribed a strong cortisone to control eczema and it helped. My face…damn it is dry. But still resilient like a rhino’s skin. So much that I got prescribed topical tretinoin (see below!).




Since my skin has had a strange combination of very bad flare-ups and very bad dryness, it has been hard to keep it content. Some days it accepts some skincare and others it will just rebel.

I also got prescribed Refissa (very emollient tretinoin cream) but my insurance wouldn’t cover it, so I had to get a generic one instead (not very emollient). With the accutane my skin has been very dull and bleh overall, so I hope the inclusion of the tretinoin cream again will give some life back.

My AM routine:

  1. Oil/Balm cleanser: Anything rich and thick is great right now. Any gel will destroy my skin and cause more inflammation. I have been liking aesop parsley oil cleanser and as second cleanse the Aurelia balm cleanser.
  2. Masque: Spot treatment with Glamglow (the white mask), then rinse it off and go with a rich hydrating mask. I love Dermalogica multivitamin power recovery mask. Sheet masks seem to irritate my skin nowadays, so I save them for later.
  3. Spritz with dermalogica antioxidant hydramist
  4. I apply my serums. Now my skin is just refusing most stuff, but what has been working super is Bioeffect EGF day serum. Provides lot of hydration (not nourishment, need oil for that). If my skin feels too slack, I might add a bit of REN Keep young and beautiful instant shot. I wait 5 min.
  5. I mist again with Caudalie
  6. I apply a light layer of something with oil. Bobbi brown extra repair milk or REN bio retinoid concentrate.
  7. I mist again
  8. I either apply tatcha moisturizer if my skin is happy as it is, bobbi brown extra illuminating cream or apply In Fiore Fleur Vibrante face balm.
  9. I mist again with caudalie.



PM Routine:

  1. Oil/Balm pre-cleanse
  2. Acid tone lightly with Alpha H liquid gold.
  3. Mist with Caudalie.
  4. Essence.
  5. Biologique recherche serum (marine collagene)
  6. Thin layer of Tretinoin – let it be for 20 min
  7. Apply oil on top
  8. Mist with caudalie

I do also apply a topical antibiotic to the areas that need. Not always, but lately quite often.

For my body, I have been using Tatcha body oil and Jergens in shower moisturizer,


Finally, pictures.

The first 3 are (LEFT) before, so roughly 3 months ago, and (RIGHT) today.


These pictures below, are during my flare up some weeks ago:


Thank you for reading 🙂 I’ll try to post more frequently 😉