About ME


Once upon a time…I wore the wrong shade of foundation. Endlessly color-matched to a orangey-leprosic finish, I decided to take matters into my hands.

Since very early age, I was interested in all forms of art, but it wasn’t until 2006, that my full passion for make up drove me to take the plunge and apply for a make up artistry school.

​1 year later, I had the privilege Β to attend a seminar from M.A.C cosmetics, held for professionals, and hosted by Kabuki. Being able to meet such an influential Make up Artist, and being able to exchange some ideas really boosted my passion for Make up artistry & Fashion.

Few months later, I was getting a Masterclass by Baltasar Pinel, M.A.C cosmetics Spain Creative director, where I really expanded my knowledge in color theory application, image impact, cultural perspective on make up and how make up can transmit our message. Following that, several more masterclasses helped me keep up to date on the latest fashion trends, techniques as well as products.

I ended up opening a youtube channel to review foundations for pale/fair skinned people. But my real passion lies in making people happy, to see how their confidence raises as I am able to bring out the most of their beauty. I love giving confidence back in women.

My trademark is the beautiful face lift and glow. I believe that all make up starts with a beautiful skin.